Marketing & Promotions

Hotjar is a complete website and mobile analytics tool enabling web developers, UI designers, analysts, digital marketers & more, to optimize the usability and conversion rate of their websites.

Hotjar combines both analysis and feedback tools to give users insights into how visitors interact with their site, how they could improve that user experience and ultimately, how they might increase conversion rates. With Hotjar, users can think like an actual website visitor, understand their mindset and identify UX issues that are frustrating to them.

Through features such as heatmaps, visitor recordings & funnels, Hotjar enables users to visualize visitor interaction on their site, understand where drop-offs occur and identify areas for improvement. More direct visitor feedback can be garnered from visitor-facing, features such as customizable surveys and polls which come with support for over 20 languages. Hotjar also enables users to recruit user testers for research and testing directly from your site

You can start using Hotjar on your website in two easy steps:

  1. Create a Hotjar account
  2. Add the Hotjar Traching Code to your site

Once your tracking code is installed, you can start using any of Hotjar's 7 features: Heatmaps, Recordings, Forms, Funnels, Polls, Surveys, Recruiters.

Find more information on the Hotjar’s webpage.