Megamall: migration to nopCommerce and a new design for the store growth

Megamall: migration to nopCommerce and a new design for the store growth sells electronics and household appliances since 2015. Now it’s one of the leading eCommerce sites in Georgia with convenient payment methods and user-friendly interface.

It was moved to nopCommerce with redesign work done by Wandio team. You have the opportunity to compare “before” and “after” state of the store yourself. Just read below.

Wandio is nopCommerce silver solution partner based in Georgia. The specialization of this software outsourcing company includes building large eCommerce and payment solutions, CMS systems, ERP/CRM, HR/Recruitment applications, intranets and alike.

Today Megamall is no longer under Wandio support. After the development and testing process, source code and database have been handed over to the client for supporting the system and developing new features.

Moving from CS-Cart to nopCommerce

Megamall has been conducting retail and online sales of electronics and household appliances since 2015. Before moving to nopCommerce platform they have been using CS-Cart provided and localized by local vendor for almost 4 years. As one of the leading online stores Megamall was regularly working on enriching their platform capabilities by adding new features. As almost 4 years have passed since the implementation, platform’s design was outdated, feature enrichment was taking too much time and standard modules available on the CS-Cart store were not supported. Facing these problems the company decided to fully refresh the website and take it to the next level.

Wandio team took on a challenge to build a platform for Megamall with all the modern features already included - quick and easy navigation, various filtering and sorting options, various modules for suggestions and most importantly quick and simple checkout page.

Making a new design

Using the tools provided in nopCommerce, Wandio developed a solution that perfectly answered the client’s needs. To achieve the best result was done the following:

Old To New

  • First step was creating a new, fresh and mobile-friendly design.
  • The way checkout page works was changed. Now it has no wizard, everything is on a single page.
  • The functionality of requesting a phone call was added.
  • All search results are now inside suggestions while searching making it faster to find what you are looking for.
  • Migrated over 10k products from the old version of the website (engine - CS-Cart).
  • Created redirect file to match old URLs with new ones, not to lose organic traffic after the update.

products before

products after


  • On Homepage, custom blocks showing products from specific category were added. Each block has tab switcher making it easier to navigate between trending, new products, and products with discounts.
  • Modules added where website administrator can choose what products to show, also with the ability to add banner instead of products, or product and banner together.
  • “Show hot offers” is activated depending on the period, it has a timer and validity for a certain amount of time managed by administrator.

main before

main after


  • Created a Mega Menu - a menu that website administrator can customize by adding different links and images. It can not only display items from categories but also include custom filtered lists like phones by price range for example.
  • Created custom all categories​ menu,​with images for categories.


Product Details

  • Changed the way product attributes worked e.g. when the user chooses a different color of iphone it changes the way attributes are shown on the product details page.
  • Added video support on product details together with images.
  • Added 3D photo support on the product details page.
  • Added gifts support on a single product. In product details product has gifts tab, where admin can place available gifts and the users can choose the gift they prefer. Each product has a gift icon on a thumbnail image too.
  • Added bundling functionality. For each product, the administrator can add bundle configuration. In product details users can choose bundled products and get discounts, e.g. buy an iPhone with case and get -15% on the case.

prduct details

New payment methods & customization

In Georgia it is very common to purchase products using online installment loans, so Wandio implemented different ways of purchasing. On checkout, the customer chooses which provider to use: Direct Pay using a card or installment from different banks. For payment processing​processing centre and TBC Bank were implemented. The last one is the largest bank in Georgia.

Customization process included:

  • Creating a custom module of similar products for the product details page. The module displays items based on similarity and is automatically pre-calculated each night by a scheduled task.
  • Creating a separate module to update product prices and quantities from partnering websites (for certain product group).
  • Registration functionality for individuals and legal entities was customized. Authorization using mobile number added, with SMS sending for confirmation.
  • Customized product list and categories (implemented advanced filters with functionality and performance improvements.)
  • Changing the way specification attributes work. Now admin can configure specifications for the category and each subcategory or product inherits these specifications.

Today is one of the leading eCommerce web sites in Georgia with convenient payment methods and user-friendly interface.

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