Nop Emporium Theme + 13 Plugins (

Nop Emporium Theme + 13 Plugins (
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Emporium is a full-width theme targeted for big-catalog stores. Featuring robust menu navigation, advanced filtering, and product display options, the theme strikes the perfect balance between function and form.
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支持的版本: 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 五月 16,2018
最后更新: 一月 09,2023
A full-width theme targeted for
big-catalog stores
Responsive Design
Offers an impeccable mobile shopping experience.
Color Options
Choose your color or select one of the predefined color presets.
SEO Optimized
The theme follows all the best practices for SEO-friendly markup and urls. It also includes advanced
meta data management and generation based on the ecommerce catalog.
The theme is part of the
Nop Ultimate Theme Collection
The Nop Ultimate Theme Collection includes a total of 26 premium nopCommerce themes.
Each theme in the collection comes with 10 plugins and multiple domains license.
  • Supported versions 4.00 - 4.60
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
  • Open to modification public view (.cshtml) files
  • Fully localizable and can be used in any language
  • Tested with all major browsers
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
  • Demo data base available
  • Blog, forum and news pages styled
ramdan-alabdullah 2021/5/25 3:02
it is   nice theme but i have aquestion about hte them is the price contains the two thems the megastore and the supermarket ?

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femten 2021/5/11 2:46
Great support
Had some problem upgrading to 4,4 (my mistake) and Hristo came to the rescue and solved my problem within minutes.

Highly recommend.
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Bodhi360 2020/12/3 3:18
Wonderful theme, with several useful plugins, and excellent support.
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ranabd 2020/11/27 7:21
5 Star Support.
I am very much happy with their support. Fast reply and prompt support.
Thanks Team.
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Asifaman 2020/11/22 6:13
Single checkout available with this theme
Very nice theme, Single checkout available with this theme,
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nwilson 2020/10/8 13:09
Emporium Theme
The Emporium theme is easy to work with and looks great to showcase our clients stores. We are very happy and this theme and are using it on multiple stores.
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danspeich 2020/9/10 10:50
Great quality theme and fantastic support
Had a few bugs to get going, but the support team got them fixed quickly and with great communication. Highly recommended.
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JoeWalsh 2020/7/22 10:08
Very nice
We used the Emporium theme on our Multi-store site and find it very easy to set-up and to change settings, etc. Excellent support also.
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gkennedy1 2020/7/13 4:27
Great theme
We have used this theme on multiple projects and it is very easy to work with and the clients are always happy!
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petsupplyunited 2020/6/29 23:11
Fantastic Theme
The responsiveness and the cleanliness of the theme is fantastic and a pleasure to work with
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marlonvidasoft 2020/5/26 16:09
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Balkanica 2020/5/22 8:16
Nice theme
Nice theme,
nice look and easy to charge coming with many plugins.
We hope in the future it will be compatible with all the plugins offered by your store.
We are satisfied with our choice and the support we receive.
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MerakiSeeds 2020/5/12 5:08
Just bought the Emporium Theme. I'm very happy with the product and exited to get started. Thank you!
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StephanZ 2020/2/20 17:25
Emporium Theme
Excellent Theme with an outstanding support. A big thank to your team for all the help provided!
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[email protected] 2020/2/19 9:17
Emporium Theme
We are very happy with the Emporium theme as it comes with amazing web controls that save us time designing and creating a new user interface. It is customizable and easy to configure. I would recommend this to any future customer.
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ChuckR 2020/1/16 6:10
Excellent Customer Service
Emporium theme is excellent...but even better is the Customer Service team that provides custom solutions for themes.  Great group to work with!
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HakonMM 2020/1/3 7:38
Emporium is a great theme for nopCommerce
Great theme and very good support on some minor issues that were resolved very quickly!
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bestofelectricals 2019/12/30 5:04
Very good template
The product is really nice and nop-templates provides prompt support
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[email protected] 2019/12/18 16:14
The best!
I have used many nopcommerce themes. in general, nothing comes close to NopTemplates, and this theme is the cream of the crop! my client is very happy with it, and the service is outstanding.
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tarekmahran 2019/12/17 12:14
A world class theme for nopcommerce
We bought this theme and very satisfied with this world class theme for ecommerce business. Excellent support after purchasing with high quality.
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africadave23 2019/10/9 8:26
Excellent theme
Very nice, clean design, easy to set-up and modify to fit our store.  Exactly what we were looking for!
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vandalo 2019/10/4 11:06
Very good template
We bought the the whole bundle of themes from NopTemplates.
They all look great and are easy to install and customize.
The support is excellent and quick to respond to all our questions.
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IvanovBojan 2019/9/30 3:42
Very good template
I love the way the theme is organized. Very nice work guys :)
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StephanZ 2019/9/11 16:10
Excellent themes/plugins
The support I received for my custom changes was outstanding! Can definitely recommend the company and the products.
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filtershopsa 2019/9/3 12:01
Money well spent
Money well spent on the theme and great customer service.
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OTH 2019/8/17 15:36
Great theme and awesome support
I find this theme as well as all themes from nop-templates to be great and their support is always top notch!
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filtershopsa 2019/8/2 3:26
Best Themes and Support
Nop-Templates has the best themes and their support is the best by far. They really go out of their way to help their customers and I would recommend them to everyone.
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Sizzler 2019/5/17 15:00
Great Themes & Support
The theme installs easily, has good performance and easy to work with. It is also very flexible, such as allowing us to pick custom theme colors.  The support from the company has also been fast and responsive.
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JoeWalsh 2019/5/14 6:52
Great customer service
We purchased this theme and it was easy to install and worked perfectly for us.
We had some questions regarding customizing the plugins that come with the Emporium theme and the Noptemplates support team were very quick to respond with helpful solutions.

Highly recommended!
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Tokaichan 2019/5/14 3:44
Great Themes & Support
I have earlier used one of their theme and now continuing upgraded with this theme. Without any doubt, this company's themes are the ones  that stand out in the crowd and happy I chose this. They give great loyalty discounts too.
The support is great with even helping on fixing issues though not very related to the theme or plugins.
Thanks a lot.
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isbappa 2019/4/18 10:36
Emporium theme
Very easy to install and works perfectly.
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filtershopsa 2019/3/27 6:55
Good customer service
We installed this theme and it worked perfectly for us. Noptemplates has the best customer service and they have vast knowledge on the Nopcommerce platform.
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nopgre 2019/3/20 12:38
Great company
When dealing with the Nopcommerce platform there are a lot cowboy and fly by night companies and developers, here today gone tommorow. NopTemplates is a great stable company and extremely reliable, we ourselves are not very technical we focus more on sales, so it is important to work with companies who give true support and just dont leave you to yourself, in terms of templates there is no better and there plugins are just as great, and best of all they stand behind there product with great support.

Thanks,  NopTemplates
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nopgre 2019/3/20 12:34
Great company
When dealing with the Nopcommerce platform there are a lot cowboy and fly by night companies and developers, here today gone tommorow. NopTemplates is a great stable company and extremely reliable, we ourselves are not very technical we focus more on sales, so it is important to work with companies who give true support and just dont leave you to yourself, in terms of templates there is no better and there plugins are just as great, and best of all they stand behind there product with great support.
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hitnet 2019/3/13 16:31
Great Themes & Support
We have used 6 themes from NopTemplates since 2013. Easy to install and support replies within 12 hours. If we have any issues or just want to make changes, they are GREAT at getting us the answers in a detailed and easy to understand reply. We highly recommend NopTemplates for your NOPCommerce Plugins and themes.
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jslater 2019/3/11 8:41
Quality Theme and Support
Really nice looking theme, great user experience and helpful support team. I've never had a problem with any Nop Template products.
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rcdumlao 2019/2/24 6:57
All Questions / Concerns Answered Promptly
We've been using the Emporium team since November 2018 and the team did an excellent job answering all our questions and concerns. Buying the theme is a fraction of the cost of hiring a web designer so it was definitely a good decision.  Highly recommended!
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[email protected] 2018/9/28 23:03
Excellent theme
Emporium, is very good and well thought through theme. It comes with every bell and whistle needed for running an online store. We have been using nop-templates themes and plugins since long, I would like to say special thank you to their support team, they go well above and beyond to help the customers and always come up with a solution. Keep us the good work!
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RESOLUCION 2018/8/23 9:41
Good communication and quick solution
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monishrafi 2018/8/21 7:56
nice theme
Very nice theme but needed to be available for version 3.9 also as so many peoples including me haven't switched to 4.0 still
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mayurpaghdal 2018/7/16 6:16
Great theme, a matured one for multi vendor ecom site
we've purchased this theme and i can say it's the best among all themes available in market place.
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