Nop Mega Menu (

Nop Mega Menu (
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With the Mega Menu plugin, your website visitors will never be lost amongst the hundreds of your website pages. Now you can build a custom mega menu the way you like it. It is easy, fast, and flexible. The result is menu navigation that shines.
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 九月 05,2012
最后更新: 一月 09,2023

Mega Menu

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The Nop Mega Menu plugin adds a powerful and flexible dropdown mega menu to your nopCommerce website for an effective and easy navigation.


1.Add a dropdown menu item to the menu with topic content e.g. about us, contact us, news, blog etc.

2.Set a sticky category that will always be displayed in the menu bar e.g Sales category.

3.Show categories, manufacturers and vendors in a single dropdown mega menu item.

4.Set the categories to be displayed in either grid with pictures or list.

5.Set the maximum number of categories to be shown in a category menu item. If the maximum number is exceeded a "View all" categories link will be shown.

6.Present each category in a separate dropdown menu.


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  • Supported versions 2.65 - 4.60
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Widget Support
  • Razor files are open to modifications
  • Themeable
  • Free Trial
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
sandeep18051989 2021/12/27 上午10:43
Not able to show 3 level menus

Main Category -
    Sub Category -
         Product 1          Product 2           Product 3
         Product 4
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The depth of nesting inside Mega Menu depends on the template used. "List" template allows unlimited number of nested subcategories. If "With Pictures" template is used however, only 3 levels of nesting are allowed (main category / subcategory / sub-subcategory).
fatih 2020/1/13 上午4:17
One of the best menu plugin
The plugin works really fast and it's easy to manage. Drag&drop feature is good.
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Zyje_sobie 2019/10/18 上午8:29
Great and easy
We really like it. Possibility to add custom CSS class is really important, to make customs. Great, and easy.
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OTH 2019/8/17 下午4:12
Mega Menu
I love this plugin. It works perfectly and always great to see the functionalities available with it. I wouldn't think of using anything else. The support from nop-templates is always top notch.
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pfeighan 2019/6/26 上午7:25
Nop MEGA MENU is great
We use nothing else for menu navigation with Nopcommerce.  it is easy to customize and the support is fast and responsive.
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patrick_sardinha 2019/6/5 上午10:40
Great plugin
We are using the plugin in our projects and we are very satisfied with it. The way potential buyers and buyers can easily find what they are looking for, it's just great. I really recommend it and the support is simply fast and always available.
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fatih 2019/2/21 下午12:02
Great Support
I had a problem with the plugin and they replied back very quickly with a fix. I appreciate their support.
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manijeh 2015/4/21 上午3:09
content of typic in sub menu
i install this module , when i add a typic and add content for typic then save . this content show on sub menu
how can display none from menu content of typic
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