NopSuite Front-end API for nopCommerce (by NopAdvance)

NopSuite Front-end API for nopCommerce (by NopAdvance)
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The fastest, most secured, optimized, reliable & extensive WEB API for nopCommerce front-end. Ideal for any application development where you need a secure access to the front-end (public area) methods for your nopCommerce website.
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支持的版本: 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 九月 26,2021
最后更新: 一月 30,2023

NopSuite Front-end API for nopCommerce

nopSuite Front-end API plugin is the fastest, most secured, optimized, and most extensive nopCommerce web API plugin which allows you to enable front-end API support for your nopCommerce website. This API is very reliable, and ideal for mobile application development and any third-party development where you need secure access to the front-end / public area methods in the nopCommerce.

Key features

1Extend without buying the source code from an another plugin.

2Postman collection included for ease of development.

3Swagger documentation & user guide.

4Response compression and server side caching for fast response.

5Multi-store supported. Single plugin for multiple applications across multiple stores.

6Multi-layered authentication.

  • No security tokens are saved in the database.

    Configurable JWT secret key.

    Unique API keys for each application.

7Feature to enable request & response logging. View and analyze request & response.

8Out of box support for refresh token mechanism.

9Maintenance option to delete expired tokens to free-up database space.

10Out of box support for nopCommerce customer activity logs.

11Administrator have complete control.

  • See a list of active customer tokens with friendly search & filters.

    Revoke any customer token(s) to unauthorize them.

12Configurable development mode.

  • All methods that doesn't require a signed in user (users with access token) will work without the API key.

    No guest users are created and no access token(s) are created. customer record is used out of the box.

13Guest customer migration supported.

14Complete coverage of nopCommerce front-end methods.

  • 170+ API methods.

    Supports customer impersonation.

    Ideal for mobile applications, front-end website on different platforms.

15Free upgrades for 1 year since date of purchase.


supported nopCommerce versions

Supported nopCommerce version 4.40, 4.50 & 4.60

documentation and user guide

Swagger documentation & User guide

multi store support

Multi-store support

forever free plugin

Forever Free plugin; Paid support

free support and upgrade

Free upgrades for 1 year since date of purchase

performance optimized

Highly optimized for performance & security

easy setup

Easy setup & configuration

fast and active support

Fast and active support

mvp gold partner certified developers
Your PERFECT nopCommerce GOLD Solution Partner
btnthanh 2023/4/30 上午8:10
NopSuite Front-end API by NopAdvance: A Flexible and Reliable Solution for Building Mobile and Web Apps with Exceptional Support
The NopSuite Front-end API for nopCommerce (by NopAdvance) is a fantastic plugin that offers many positive features. It is an excellent tool for building mobile or web apps because it is incredibly flexible and can meet all your needs. Additionally, the support team is very responsive, helpful, and professional. They always go above and beyond to provide the best assistance possible. Overall, the NopSuite Front-end API is a great plugin that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile solution for their nopCommerce store.
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Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback Thanh.