Product display

Product display
This plugin allows you to automatically showcase a wide range of groups of Products on your front page. Products are displayed in standard display box controlled by your Theme.
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支持的版本: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30
创建于 一月 27,2021
最后更新: 二月 08,2021


GeoffkSoftware's Product Display plugin allows you to automatically showcase Products on your home page, selected based on a range of groupings such as “New Products” “Best Sellers” “Discounted” etc.
The Product Display plugin controls and automates the product selection. We use the standard nopCommerce Product Display Box, styled and presented as either fixed or slider format by your theme.
The Products can be displayed in any area of the home page that you choose, and the Title element can be either the default for the Product Group selected or custom text.

Key Features:

  • Theme-Friendly ... doesn’t change the visual design in your theme
  • Choose from a wide range of product groupings (listed below)
  • Can be displayed anywhere on your home page
  • Customizable Title element
  • Automated display
  • Can limit the number of products displayed
  • Provides a Warning during configuration when no products will be displayed
  • Multi-store Support

Showcase Products by:

  • New Products
    • New Products by date
    • New Products manually "marked as new" within nopCommerce catalog
  • Products Viewed
    • Most Viewed by all customers
    • My Recently Viewed: recently viewed products by current customer ( if Signed-in )
  • Purchases
    • Best Sellers: top purchases by all customers
    • My Recent Purchases: recent purchases by current customer (if Signed-in)
  • Discounted
    • Products with the selected 'product discount type' applied to it (ex. '10%OFF' or '20%OFF')
  • Featured
    • Products marked as "Featured" within the selected Category or Manufacturer
  • Custom
    • Selected Products: choose any products using the Product Display configuration page
    • * available for nopCommerce 4.20 and higher


  • Supports nopCommerce 4.30, 4.20 and 4.10
  • 1 year free support and upgrades
  • Easy setup and customization
  • Multi-store Support
  • Multi-language Support

Getting Started:

  1. Purchase and download the Plugin File
    • Purchase the Product Display plugin on
    • Download your Plugin Zip File from the Order details
    • If you are registered with GeoffkSoftware, the Plugin Zip File will also be saved under your Account:Downloadable Products list
  2. Upload, Install and Configure your Plugin
    • In your nopCommerce store Admin, go to Configuration > Local Plugins
    • Click "Upload Plugin or Theme" and then select your "ProductDisplay" Zip File from step 1
    • Wait for the Plugin to upload. Restart the Application.
    • The Product Display Plugin should be listed in the plugins list. If not, click "Reload List of Plugins" at the top
    • Click the green "Install" button next to the plugin
    • Click the green button at the top to "Restart Application to Apply Changes"
    • In the Local Plugins list, the Product Display plugin should be marked as "Installed" and "Is Enabled"
    • Optional: Click "Edit" next to the plugin to limit stores or customer roles able to configure the Plugin, if required
  3. Configure your Product Display Showcase
    • In the Local Plugins list, click "Configure" next to the Product Display Plugin
    • There is general help and tips below the Configuration area
    • You may need to turn on certain Activity Logs. See the tips below the Configuration Area
    • For additional help, see Contact & Forum details below

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