Progressive Web App with Push Notification (PWA)

Progressive Web App with Push Notification (PWA)
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This plugin is used for push notification. Customer, Admin and Vendor will get notification when customer press order or any function work. This plugin supports the home page save option when a customer browse your website and also mobile.
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支持的版本: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40
创建于 七月 15,2019
最后更新: 三月 24,2021

live demo

Browse on mobile for live experience

Notification Supports by this plugin

  1. Order Placed Customer Notification.
  2. Order Placed Admin Notification.
  3. Order Placed Vendor Notification.
  4. Order Paid Customer Notification.
  5. Order Paid Admin Notification.
  6. Order Paid Vendor Notification.
  7. Order Refunded Customer Notification.
  8. Order Refunded Admin Notification.
  9. Your order is completed.
  10. Your order is cancelled.
  11. Shipment Delivered Customer Notification.
  12. Shipment Sent Customer Notification.
  13. Email validation.
  14. Welcome Message.
  15. New Post Notification.
  16. New Topic Notification.
  17. New customer registration Notification.
  18. Private message Customer Notification.
  19. Live Announcements.

This plugging is easy to install in your system. This plugging is so much helpful for your system and also the customer. Admin, Customer, Vendor get push notification instant.

How To Set Up :


  1. Download plugin extension.
  2. Go to Dashboard » Configuration » Local plugins and upload the plugin zip folder.
  3. Install Progressive Web App plugin.


  1. Go to progressive web app configuration page.
  2. Fill up Vapid, Notification and Manifest details. 
  3. Save configuration.
d212digital 2021/5/18 9:40
Works effortlessly
Just purchased, and downloaded. Installed the plugin, and with a few config checks to make I now have a PWA which I've added to my homescreen and it works like an app. Awesome. I'm come from magento 2 and to get this level of PWA is a monumental effort. Great work guys.

Will be considering the app.

Tested on Android. Will be testing on IOS soon.
**** I had to delete my original review because it wont allow you to edit. but suffice to say, it's not supported on Apple as per the docs. *****
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toanhnt 2021/3/25 12:39
Great plugin but not working on ios
The plugin works great, but i'm kinda disappointed that is not working with ios. I think you should state that somewhere so people can make a decision before purchase
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Check the top image of description. We mentioned there.
bhagwati.pandey 2020/5/18 4:44
Nice Plugin
It was fantastic plugin to create the PWA, I was getting some problem initially as i am new to NOPCommerce. Support was awesome and they have installed the plugin in my system successfully.
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Thanks a lot.
mehdin69 2020/5/7 9:36
access denied in vendor panel
please access denied to vendors panel
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You have to provide access permission for vendors from access control list page (see Dashboard > Configuration > Access control list). You can control access for each options of this plugins, like (Manage Devices, Manage Announcements, Configuration etc.)
sofland 2020/5/6 10:20
PWA is a MUST HAVE plugin. it comes with a great features like custom push notification. which is important for my work. it have update, and fast response support
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Thank you very much, for your feedback.
mehdin69 2020/5/1 15:12
icon and notification
how to add icon for PWA??!!!!!!
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Go to plugin configuration page. You will find an option to set default notification icon for all notification.

If you want to add different icons for each event, then you will find same option in related template edit page.
tuoplanet 2020/3/21 10:32
working ?
It doesn't work ! no icon, no notification ...
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Have you configured manifest from plugin configuration page?
mehdin69 2019/9/8 6:28
push notification
Idon't see push notification after 1 month
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Thank you for your feedback. Notification feature was not included in the previous version of this plugin.

However we have this feature with lot of events. Please check on our demo site now.
dvukovic1 2019/8/6 2:42
"add home screen" icon
I didn't see add home screen icon on demo as well as push notification.
Is that included in plugin?
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It requires to configure manifest. You can do that from plugin configuration page.
mehdin69 2019/7/28 10:31
push notification
please add push notification  on this plugin
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It's added now. :)
toanhnt 2019/7/21 20:22
No Ver 4.2 ??
I don't see ver 4.2 for purchase?
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It's available now.
toanhnt 2019/7/19 4:09
Need more details
I didnt see add home screen icon on demo.
Is push notification included?
Is service worker working on your demo?
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Thank you for your feedback.

Service worker is working on demo. Please try again after clearing your mobile browser cache. Hope you can see add to home screen icon.
Push notification is not included in this version. Hope it will be included very soon.