PushNop (Web Push Notifications) by nopStation

PushNop (Web Push Notifications) by nopStation
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PushNop plugin is used for push notification. Customer, Admin and Vendor will get notification when customer placed order or any function work.
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支持的版本: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50
创建于 四月 15,2020
最后更新: 二月 16,2022

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  • Push notifications allow nopCommerce store owners to effectively re-engage their existing customers with customized and engaging content. Web Push notifications appear directly in mobile, desktop or laptop even if the site is not open in your customers browsers. Admin can run any campaign by making smart groups of customers to boost up business. This plugin also supports the home page save option when a customer browses your website.

  • Description :

    Nowadays, online shopping is booming and mobile devices are more compatible for online shopping compared to desktop or laptop. But having a mobile app for business is not a cup of tea for every store owner measuring the ROI (Return of investment). But using this plugin, nopCommerce store owners can market their product through push notification without having a dedicated mobile app. One can send push notifications right away using this plugin without depending on any third-party integration like firebase.

  • Why push notification?

    Slash your marketing cost and get more loyal customers

    Push notification gains higher click rate compared to Facebook ad or email marketing. For the existing customer you can reduce your marketing cost dramatically using push notification. You also don’t need a third-party marketing vendor, Facebook marketing expert or a designer for sending push notification.



  • Easy subscribe and unsubscribe workflow

    For push notification customer subscription, you don’t need to take any information from customers and validate it. Customers can subscribe or unsubscribe for push notification with just one click. Customers don’t need admin’s help to unsubscribe.

    Delivered instantly to customer’s device screen

    Push notification delivered instantly to the customer’s device screen. No matter if the user is using another app or sleeping or driving, the notification will be there in the device screen.

    Don’t need to do complex design using html. You don’t need any designer to design a push notification

    For email marketing you may need to hire a designer to design your email templates. With pushnop plugin, it's easy to get started in just 15 minutes to design the template and send it to your targeted customers.

    You subscribers information cannot be used for other sites

    Sometimes users don’t want to give their email address or phone number because of privacy. Pushnop plugin ensures your subscribers data entrusted to just you.The email or mobile subscription cannot be stolen and sold to your competitors. In the case of push notification subscribers, each subscriber is specific to the subscribed website. So, your subscribers don’t have to worry about their personal information breaching and store owners also don’t have to worry about their customers' data.

    Specific campaigns for the specific customers with higher click rate

    Notification is sent to the specific customers with very much focused content which ensures a higher click rate and bring more loyal customers to your business

    Get real-time analytics for better campaign

    Monitor the conversion of your push-notification in real-time and set your next campaigns accordingly. Also behavioural and time-based automation let you drive users back to your business site.

    nopCommerce user-friendly API

    Fully documented and super simple to use RESTful API.

    Use emoji to make notification more attractive.


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toanhnt 2021/9/29 22:35
Is this plugin compatible with IOS?

Does this plugin work with IOS or Android only?
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Android only till now
jan-habib 2020/8/19 5:22
what about 4.10
hope support 4.10
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If you want we can do it for you. PM us.
hu-beau 2020/6/11 21:27
version 4.30
I wish this will be supported in 4.30 quickly
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Yeah. This will support 4.30 soon.
Raf_M 2020/4/24 14:35
Excelent job
I have tested its working fine. I have found lots of useful features which is not available others plugin in nop commerce.  it will boost up my marketing. I want to purchase it.
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tuoplanet 2020/4/24 11:11
demo site doesn't show any push ...

add to cart (in author site) doesn't add ... anything ! 😊
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Hello Dear,
Thank you for your feedback. We always appreciate your feedback.

We have just fixed the problem. You can check again.