Sage Accounting (SageOne) Integration (Atluz)

Sage Accounting (SageOne) Integration (Atluz)
Sage Acounting (SageOne) Integration to automate creation of invoice and payment with discounts, reward points, gift cards, customer details and country specific tax
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支持的版本: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
创建于 九月 16,2017
最后更新: 五月 19,2024

Sage Accounting (SageOne) Integration

Extension for nopCommerce

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Atluz's Sage Accounting (SageOne) Integration for nopCommerce helps to seamlessly integrate nopCommerce with Sage Accounting (SageOne), this helps reduce manual errors and keep data up-to-date. This integration plugin helps to keep your Sage Accounting (SageOne) up to date when the transaction is made on your Store. Thus this plugin helps automate data entry, eliminate human errors and accurately updates the complex transactions of taxes, discounts in right manner.

This plugin also acts as a Tax provider and the taxes are fetched from Sage Accounting (SageOne). This helps the order in nopCommerce store to be taxed as per company settings in Sage Accounting (SageOne). The plugin supports taxation scenarios for UK (integration for other counties can be provided on request).

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1Support for nopCommerce
v4.20, v4.30, v4.40, v4.50, v4.60 and v4.70

2Simple initial configuration using step-by-step wizard screen.

3Tax calculation for UK.

4Support for Discount, Gift Card, Reward Points, Shipping fee and Payment Method additional Fee.

5Support for product custom attributes.

6Automate accounting by creating and updating Invoice and Payment.

7Automatic Customer creation with intelligence of maintaining uniqueness.

8Provides robust troubleshooting and failure recovery functionality.

9Allows Payment method and Liability mapping accounts.

10Internal Backup and Restore of all configuration and transaction to support upgrade and migration.

11One off purchase so No recurring subscription charges.

12One Year of free support from the date of purchase*

13One Year of free upgrade from the date of purchase*