Shipping Restrictions (

Shipping Restrictions (
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Restrict existing shipping methods and change its fees
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支持的版本: 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40
创建于 一月 21,2019
最后更新: 三月 29,2021

Shipping Restrictions (shipping rules)

Restrict existing shipping methods and change its fees (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


Plugin helps to restrict existing shipping methods and to change its fees (fees from external plugins, ex. USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.) by customer's billing/shipping addresses, customer role, period od date, order amount, order subtotal and order weight, coupon codes and discounts , checkout attributes and product specifications, etc. Plugin allows to control shipping method list using rules.


Plugin doesn't create new shipping methods option, plugin changes existing ones.
You can hide existing shipping methods options or change fees.
If you want to create the new shipping methods options with fees you need to use other our plugin Table Rate Shipping


  • Restrictions based on stores
  • Restrictions based on customer roles
  • Restrictions based on date of the order (day of week and time of day, etc.)
  • Restrictions based on customer's address (shipping and billing address)
  • Restrictions based on checkout attributes
  • Restrictions based on products and product attributes
  • Restrictions based on shipment methods (shipment providers and shipment method names)
  • Restrictions based on order amounts (totals and subtotals, weight, dimentions)
  • Restrictions based on product specifications (products from the cart)
  • Restrictions based on product manufacturers (products from the cart)
  • Restrictions based on product categories (products from the cart)
  • Restrictions based on product vendors (products from the cart)
  • Restrictions based on coupon codes (use or not use coupon codes)
  • Restrictions based on discounts (use or not use discount (Assigned to order subtotal))
  • Change shipment fee (replace, discount, surcharge, leave old value) and set the minimum and maximum of new fee
  • Group of restrictions
  • Action for the next step if the rule is validated


Supported nopCommerce 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10, 4.00

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial (30 days trial period)

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

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Højby 2021/10/5 3:26
Really fantastic support
I needed help to set the plugin duo to a specific rule i needed to be applied to the checkout, and they helped me and even did the setup for me until that the rules worked as expected.
I wrote to them and within hours i got the help. really professional help.

I found a bug and they fixed it within hours and released a new plugin, really nice to have such support and dedicated people at hand!

They got 4 our of 5 stars and the only reason they are not getting the 5th star is because the bug was there, but its not any more!
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MoSamir 2021/5/11 16:06
Its Exactly do the job.
The extention is easy to install and easy to understand and its works as expected but the support team is in different level they really help quickly and they are so friendly ... I'm happy to have them in my back.
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botman86 2021/3/16 10:27
Great Team
If Foxnet didn't exist, I've already changed my CMS.
Great Plugin as always
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tarekmahran 2020/9/17 8:42
Brilliant support with high quality
When I see any plugin from Foxnetsoft I know that there are high quality extensions for nopcommerce framework. Shipping Restrictions plugin help us converting our store to an Enterprise marketplace by creating different rules to manage shipping process.

Thanks FoxNetSoft and waiting your new extensions that will enrich Nopcommerce for sure.

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wrenard1 2019/7/18 16:29
Versatile Plugin!
FoxNetSoft really came through for us.  We had a very unique set of rules for remote Canadian postal codes and they quickly turned around a solution that is easy to implement and maintain.  The team was very responsive by email and since we have purchased their Multiple Tax plugin.  

Thanks FoxNetSoft
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Bart - Dimerce 2019/5/23 1:02
Very complete plugin for complex shipping rule
We had some special demands from a customer with a lot of different Shipping Methods and Rates. This plugin made it possible to completely set-up the desired rules. At first the plugin was not completely as we were looking for, but FoxNetSoft managed to make the necessary changes within a week!

Recommended if you are looking for a way to set complex shipping rules.
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