Viva Wallet Redirection Payment Plugin

Viva Wallet Redirection Payment Plugin
A redirection payment plugin for nopCommerce that can be used to accept payments using the Viva Wallet gateway
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.20
创建于 五月 29,2020
最后更新: 六月 02,2020

Accept payments in your nopCommerce site using the Viva Wallet payment plugin. This plugin enables payments using credit/debit cards or Viva wallets by redirecting your client to the secure environment of Viva Wallet to complete the transaction.

Supported features:

  • Pre-authorization or sale
  • Capture of pre-authorized transactions
  • Refund of captured transactions (ensure you have enabled refunds in your Viva Wallet Account)
  • Recurring payments (subscriptions)
  • Installments

In order to use this plugin you must already have a business account with Viva Wallet. You can start creating a new account for your business here. After you have created an account with Viva Wallet, you can find all the required information from within your account page that you need to configure this plugin with.

Includes instructions both in English and Greek. Greek translation of the resources is also included.


  • Please make sure that you input a valid store domain while purchasing this plugin
  • If you are interested in this plugin for a different nopCommerce version, please contact us to customize it for you