Zarinpal payment (NopTop)

Zarinpal payment (NopTop)
After installing this plugin you can pay with Zarinpal gateway.
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支持的版本: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 八月 11,2019
最后更新: 五月 20,2023

Zarinpal opensource payment plugin

Zarinpal is the first pioneer payer in Iran, with the new style and standard in online payment, the most convenient electronic payment service for all online and offline businesses. We circulate billions of dollars every day without the slightest mistake on the Iranian web platform.

Zarinpal opensource payment plugin let you pay with Zarinpal gateway which is already for Iranian users, you can just pay with Rial currency in this plugin

After installing this plugin let's make it enabled from the administration then it show up for users while paying

Features :

  • Sandbox mode (for testing)
  • deny overseases for entering payment page
  • Exchange Rial to Toman
  • Multilingual (English and Persian)
  • SOAP & RESt
  • ZarinGate

The official website of Zarinpal is

This plugin is also open source, you can find the source codes here :

Feel free to copy, edit and modify the source code according to your test

زرین‌پال اولین پرداخت‌یار پیشگام در ایران است که با سبک و استاندارد جدید در پرداخت آنلاین، مناسب‌ترین سرویس پرداخت الکترونیک برای تمام کسب‌وکارهای آنلاین و آفلاین می‌باشد. ما هر روزه میلیاردها تومان پول را بدون کوچک‌ترین اشتباهی در بستر وب ایران به گردش در می‌آوریم.