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Release Notes

Here you can view a list of all the changes for each release of nopCommerce.
Release Notes - nopCommerce 3.70 (December 8, 2015)

Highlight features and changes

  • Full support for web farms and Windows Azure (multiple instances).
  • Conditional product attributes.
  • ACL (access control list) for topics.
  • Allow users to apply for vendor account in public store.
  • Allow a store owner to add notes to "Vendor" record. For example, this functionality can be used to record vendor payouts so that you always have you bookkeeping organized.
  • Added a setting indicating customers should see "discontinued" message when visiting details pages of unpublished products. For example, "Sorry - this product is no longer available" or "We're sorry but this product has been discontinued."
  • Significant performance and security enhancements.


  • Allow a store owner to apply discounts to a category including subcategories. Please have a look at the new "Apply to subcategories" property. This way he should not go into hundreds of categories and apply the discount to each one.
  • Now a store owner can mark products as "New". This way we can manage list of products displayed on the "New products" page.
  • Security. Prevent XSRF attacks in public store (and all the rest methods in admin area).
  • Return request reasons and actions are now localizable.
  • A new catalog setting to view unpublished products (enabled by default). This way SEO won't be affected by search crawlers when a product is temporary unpublished.
  • Authorize.NET plugin. Updated URLs according to the latest changes (Akamai). It should be done by all store owners till June 2016.
  • Now customers can see a user-friendly message why entered discount coupon code cannot be applied. For example, "Sorry, this offer is expired".
  • Allow to search orders by customer last name (billing address).
  • Reward points. New setting indicating whether to accumulate all reward points in one balance for all stores so they can be used in any store. Otherwise, each store has its own rewards points and they can only be used in that store. WARNING: not recommended to change in production environment with several stores already created.
  • Allow a store owner to specify "Minimum Age" setting (available when "Date of Birth" field is enabled).
  • Support "Display stock availability" and "Display stock quantity" product properties with "Manage inventory method" set to "Track inventory by product attributes".
  • Added a refund message template (sent to a store owner). Disabled by default.
  • More user-friendly terms. Renamed "Grouped product" product type to "Grouped (product with variants) ". The same is about the appropriate product template. Renamed "Associated products" tab to "Associated products (variants)". We could remove "Grouped" or "Associated" terms at all. But let's keep it for consistency because a lot of existing store owners already used to them.
  • Logo support for vendors.
  • Allow a store owner to customize robots.txt file without customization. Now it could be done in one of the following ways. Create and add robots.additions.txt to the root of the site. In this case we'll use it instead of the default one generated by the system ("RobotsTextFile" method of "CommonController"). Or you can add robots.additions.txt to the root of the site. Its content will be appended to the generated robots.txt file.
  • Allow a store owner to specify default language per store.
  • Allow a store owner to manage newsletter subscription on the customer details page.
  • Added a setting indicating whether "Minimum order sub-total amount" should be calculated including or excluding tax.
  • Add a setting ('catalogsettings.publishbackproductwhencancellingorders') indicating whether "Published" or "Disable buy button" flags should be updated after order cancellation or deletion (if required).
  • Added 'storeinformationsettings.hidepoweredbynopCommerce' setting that allows to hide "powered by nopCommerce" text in the footer without any customization.
  • Allow a store owner to view back in stock subscriptions per customer (in admin area).
  • "This product has a minimum quantity of N" notification on the product details page (if configured).
  • Better HTTPS support for hosting companies that use a load balancer. Now you can open web.config file and uncomment "Use_HTTP_CLUSTER_HTTPS" or “Use_HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO” setting to support distinct hosting companies.
  • We should save checkout attributes when clicking "Update cart" button on the shopping cart page.
  • "Re-order" functionality should pre-set checkout attributes as well.
  • Bundling and minification now can be used in web farms on Windows Azure.
  • Dropped 'catalogsettings.enabledynamicpriceupdate' setting. Added a new one instead of it - 'catalogsettings.ajaxprocessattributechange'.
  • Added "required" hint to several pages (contact us, contact vendor, email a friend, new product review).
  • Newsletter radio buttons were broken in IE on mobile resolutions.
  • Checkout attributes with "color squares" type were not properly displayed.
  • Allow a store owner to filter bestsellers by store.
  • Now we preset price when adding a product to an existing order in admin area.
  • Bestsellers report. Allow a store owner to filter by vendors.
  • Allow a store owner to override gift card amount. If not specified, then product price will be used (default behavior).
  • Allow a store owner to choose what customer roles can access a closed store (moved to ACL permissions). Previously we could grant such access to administrators only.
  • Added "Display tax/shipping info (shopping cart page)" setting.
  • Allow a store owner to delete selected product reviews.
  • Bulk deletion of blog and news comments.
  • We should ensure that start date should be the future date for rental products.
  • We should not popup EU cookie law message after logout. Otherwise, the user will have to click it again. And thus next visitor will not click it. So violation for that cookie law.
  • Vendor details page (admin area). Associated customer emails should link to appropriate customer details pages.
  • Display a warning to a customer when items from wishlist could not be moved to the shopping cart.
  • Added warehouses, vendors, affiliates, news and blog comments to sample data
  • Return request list page (admin area). Added "Created on" column.
  • Order list page (admin area). Search by order number and press enter support.
  • Australia Post. Added a setting to hide delivery information.
  • Added validation to "Edit return request" page. "Reason for return" or "Requested action" fields should not be empty.
  • Added support for "%Shipment.TrackingNumberURL%" message token.
  • Blog posts. When clicking "Comments" link we should redirect a customer to to the comments section. Also added #comments achor element to the "News" details page.
  • Security. Disable HTTP headers telling what version of ASP.NET your site is hosted on and even what version of MVC you are using.
  • Authorize.NET plugin. Eliminate credit card type dropdown. Anyway we don't use it.
  • Significant performance optimization of caching implementation (for high-loaded sites). We should not use "lock" in CachingExtensions ("get" method).
  • Performance optimization. We should not load ALL reward point records to find the current balance (load only the last one).
  • Performance optimization. There's no need to load specification attributes when creating a new product.
  • Performance optimization of discounts applied to categories and manufacturers (caching).
  • Added new widget zones - left_side_column_blog_before, left_side_column_after_blog_archive, left_side_column_blog_after, bloglist_page_before_post, bloglist_page_before_post_body, bloglist_page_after_post_body, bloglist_page_after_post, blogpost_page_top, blogpost_page_bottom.
  • Order list page (admin area). Renamed "Edit" link to "View".
  • Included "id" as sorting for specification attributes.
  • Added "Manage plugins" permissions to "Third-party plugins" menu in admin area.
  • Fixed "_AdminLayout.cshtml" issues when using in a plugin that is running in a different area than "Admin".
  • Developers. Added "Owin" libraries to Nop.Web project. This way third-party developers can use it.
  • Developers. Added "Description" property to "CategoryModel.SubCategoryModel " class.
  • Performance optimization. Product details page (admin area) was slow when we had thousands of specification attributes. Now we cache them
  • Performance optimization. Load all product reviews at once in admin area when using "approve/disapprove/delete selected".
  • Performance optimization of "ProductLoadAllPaged" stored procedure (when filtering by specification attributes).
  • Performance optimization. Cache filterable spefication attributes on category pages.
  • Performance optimization. Cache discount requirements. There's no need to load them for each HTTP request for each discount.
  • Performance. Cache list of available return request actions and reasons.
  • Performance optimization of "ValidateDiscount" method (when we really have gift carts in the cart).
  • Updated third-party libraries to the latest version.
  • Localized some hard-coded locales (in admin area grids).
  • Refactoring of "Update currency exchange rates" task. Previously update period could not be set less than one hour.
  • We should round prices using "RoundingHelper.RoundPrice" method that supports rounding based on a currency.
  • Developers. Added CustomerRegisteredEvent and CustomerLoggedin events.
  • Developers. PluginManager. Povide name of plugin with exception message. Some plugins share the same dependencies and the current exception information doesn't include which plugin failed to load within the PluginManager. Including the plugin name with the exception message would cut down on troubleshooting time a lot.
  • Developers. Pass order ID as additional data parameter to checkout_completed_top and checkout_completed_bottom widgets.
  • Developers. web.config files had wrong "System.Web.Mvc" version specified.
  • Developers. Minor change to RegisterDependencies method of NopEngine. This way we can access ContainerManager (and Resolve method) in IDependencyRegistrar of plugins.
  • Developers. Refactoring of "StoreClosedAttribute". Now developers can specify certain methods whic should be ignored by using overridden contructor.
  • Developers. Add decimal PriceValue to ProductOverviewModel.ProductPriceModel (for easier designing price display in ProductBox).
  • Developers. Removed "PriceWithDiscountValue" property of "ProductDetailsModel.ProductPriceModel" class. Let's use "PriceValue".
  • Developers. Do not hardcode "EuCookieLaw.Accepted" customer attribute key. It should be stored in SystemCustomerAttributeNames class.
  • Developers. Refactoring PublicStoreAllowNavigationAttribute. Now develoeprs can make a certain action method accessible without customization of this class.
  • Developers. Removed "IsCustomerGuest" property from some forum models.
  • Developers. DatePickerDropDowns HTML helper now have "htmlAttributes" parameter. This way developers can customize it (e.g. add "class" attribute).
  • Developers. We should have separate locales for "Search" link and button.
  • Developers. Added "area" parameter to "Html.Widget()" extension method.
  • Refactoring of admin area pages with tabs. It alos fixed an issue on discount details page (with tabs displayed/hidden based on discoutn type).
  • A lot of other source code refactoring.


  • Moneyconverter services discontinued its services. All exchange rates were set to 1 if you have it configured for autoupdate. We replaced it with a new plugin - ECB.
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files should be accessible when a store is closed.
  • Redeemed reward points were not restored when the order is canceled or deleted.
  • Facebook authentication plugin. Email wasn't returned when using the latest version of Facebook API.
  • Customers could not change language/currency/tax when navigation was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with picture duplications when importing products.
  • We used invalid Schema for product aggregate rating hen there were no any ratings.
  • We should update stock levels when editing order details in admin area.
  • Fixed an issue with "File upload" checkout attribute. When the customer uploaded a file then proceeded through checkout (but didn't finish) and went back to the shopping cart, the "uploaded file" was no longer there. The same issue was with editing of existing shopping cart item with "File upload" product attributes.
  • We should sort countries by localized names when they have the same display order.
  • We should sort states by localized names when they have the same display order.
  • Custom address attributes were not (re)filled when form validation gone wrong.
  • "OrderRefunded.CustomerNotification" message template was accidently removed in version 3.60 before release. Fixed.
  • We should delete previously used "Downloads" or "Sample Downloads" when uploading a new ones for a product.
  • Display order of topics was ignored in multi-store environment.
  • Shipments could not be deleted in some cases.
  • Australia Post plugin could not return shipping methods for some countries.
  • We should validate whether a country is published when choosing an existing address during checkout.
  • Pasted discount or gift card codes with surrounding whitespace didn't work.
  • Locale resource typo fixed. The title of the modal window for importing products says "Import from CSV" while in reality it will only accept Excel files.
  • Abbreviation for "Yukon" (Canada) should be "YT".
  • We validated wrong permission when changing password of email accounts.
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