Release Notes

Here you can view a list of all the changes for each release of nopCommerce.

Release Notes - nopCommerce 3.50 (December 8, 2014)

Highlight features and changes

  • Rental products support added.
  • Support for new tax rules for Europe Union from 2015. Find more info at
  • Better warehouse support and inventory control. Now a single product can exist in multiple warehouses. Thanks a lot to nopDynamics for this contribution.
  • Allow a store owner to define custom address attributes (similar to "Custom customer attributes").
  • Allow a store owner to see all existing extensions and themes in admin area (from nopCommerce official site).
  • Now specification attributes support several types (option, custom text, HTML text, hyperlink).


  • Allow a store owner to specify "pick up in store" fee.
  • Allow a store owner to find not shipped shipments.
  • Added "Order paid" message template sent to a customer and a vendor (disabled by default). Previously we had this template available only for store owners.
  • Search engine optimization. Added more URLs to sitemaps.
  • Message templates. Allow a store owner to attach static files to any template.
  • Payment icons should be clickable in multi-step checkout.
  • Shopping cart page. Display how much reward points will be earned (this option can be disabled in admin area).
  • Order list page. Allow a store owner to filter orders by product name.
  • Display "Download" link for downloadable product on the order details page. Previously it was displayed only or the separate "Downloadable products" page in "My account" section.
  • Allow a store owner to decide whether "Country" or "State" dropdownlist (customer form field) should be required.
  • Allow a store owner to enter the own company info.
  • Allow a store owner to specify "Notify Admin for Quantity below" for product attribute combinations.
  • Addresses. Added "Select state" item to "state" dropdownlist.
  • Ensure that topic pages are not SSL secured. Otherwise, search engines can think that content is duplicated.
  • Updated PayPal API to the latest version.
  • Allow a store owner to send campaigns only for subscribers of a chosen store.
  • Display successful notifications when saving plugins the same way as on other admin area pages.
  • Allow a store owner to search vendors by name.
  • Interactive dashboard reports in admin area. Ability to click rows in the "Incomplete orders" dashboard report.
  • Allow a store owner to add topics to the top menu in admin area.
  • Now customer reports support paging (previously it was limited to "top 20").
  • Display payment and shipping statuses on the order details page.
  • Allow a store owner to export/import states. Previously store owners had to add states manually. Please contribute a list of states for your country. Please do it at
  • Published checkbox should be ticked by default when adding a new state.
  • Do not allow discounts applied to order subtotal or total when a customer has gift cards in the cart. Otherwise, this customer can purchase gift cards with discount and get more than paid ("free money").
  • Allow a store owner to attach PDF invoices to "order paid" emails.
  • Added "admin comment" field to affiliates. This way a store owner can enter additional info (e.g. payment method, tax info, etc).
  • Added "Admin comment" field to warehouses.
  • Discounts. Allow a store owner to specify maximum product quantity which could be discounted. For example, you can have two products (the same) in the cart but only one of them will be discounted.
  • Updated USPS plugin according to the latest API changes of USPS Web Tools (September 7th 2014).
  • Added "Ship separately" option for products. Enable it to mark a product as being able to be shipped by itself in a single box (separate shipment). This way shipping rates are calculated separately for this product regardless of what other products are also in the cart. Please note that if you have several quantities of this product in the cart, then all of them will be packed and shipped in a single box.
  • Allow a store owner to filter plugins by mode (all, installed only, not installed only).
  • Allow a store owner to filter plugins by group.
  • Product details page. More user-friendly way to enter "Require other products" IDs.
  • Discount requirement rules . More user-friendly way to enter "Required products" IDs.
  • Added "Display tax/shipping info (wishlist)" and "Display tax/shipping info (order details page)" settings. These settings are required in German market.
  • Removed "Cash on delivery" and "OpenID authentication" plugins from solution. It'll be available for download in the official extensions directory since version 3.50.
  • Deleted "commonsettings.sitemapincludetopics" setting. Anyway each topic already has "Include in sitemap" property.
  • Localization support added to "Google Shopping" plugin.
  • Added "adminareasettings.richeditorallowjavascript" setting indicating whether rich editor should support javascript (disabled by default).
  • Hide "Associated products" tab for "Simple" products.
  • Display CustomValues on order details page. It can be helpful for developers of payment plugins.
  • Added Bangla (Bangladesh) language pack for the installation page.
  • Allow a store owner to specify a list of errors (phrases) to be ignored when logging ('commonsettings.ignorelogwordlist' setting).
  • Ensure that we always have at least one published currency.
  • Moved "mediasettings.multiplethumbdirectories" setting to admin area UI.
  • Added a setting ("Media.DefaultImageDirectoryPath") with directory path for default images. This way theme vendors can override a default image without touching the default one.
  • "Purchase Order", "Check / Money Order" payment methods. Added "Shippable product required" setting.
  • "Check / Money Order" payment method. Localization of description text. Please note that it's not supported in multi-store configuration now (you should have only one store configured).
  • Wrap the number of messages in the inbox in the HeaderLinks.cshtml view to be similar to the wishlist count and shopping cart count.
  • Search engines should not be able to add items to cart.
  • Google shopping plugin. Moved "FroogleSettings.PassShippingInfo" setting to UI.
  • It’s better to display in-store pickup option before shipping addresses (during checkout).
  • Updated all third-party libraries to the latest version.
  • Updated a file with user agent strings.
  • Added "Product.SKU" and "AttributeCombination.SKU" message template tokens
  • Refactoring UPS and USPS plugins. Do not duplicate code (service names).
  • Added 'CatalogSetting.LoadAllSideCategoryMenuSubcategories' setting indicating whether we should load all subcategories in the left menu with categories. It can be used by third-party theme developers.
  • Now products with "order minimum quantity" could not be added to the cart from catalog pages (in custom themes with "qty" input and a specified value more than 1)
  • Added "IncludeProperties" method to repositories. Now developers can include a list of properties to load with a single SQL request.
  • Performance optimization. Use stored procedure to delete guest customer records.
  • CacheExtensions.Get is now thread safe.
  • Allow store owners to extend HTML Editor (admin area) without customization. Use "Admin.RichEditor.AdditionalSettings" setting. Find more info at
  • Refactoring of CustomerController. Moved a lot of methods to other controllers. Please note that some URLs have been changed.
  • Refactoring. Renamed ProductVariantAttributeCombination, ProductVariantAttribute, ProductVariantAttributeValue entities (tables).
  • Refactoring of ShippingService. Allow developer to request shipping options for shopping cart items with custom quantity. It'll allow us to implement logic when some product is shipped from multiple locations (warehouses).
  • Added support for bulk insert and delete operations in IRepository.
  • Now developers can easily extend core entities without touching core files. More info:
  • Added "HidePaymentMethod" method to IPaymentMethod interface. Developers can put any filtering logic into it. For example, hide a payment method if all products in the cart are downloadable.
  • Added a new method to get a table name by entity type (DbContexExtensions.GetTableName). It can be helpful in cases when entity name is not the same as table name.
  • Refactoring of MappingExtensions file. This way "heavy" AutoMapper library can be easily replaced.
  • Developers. Added "order refunded" event.
  • Moved "GetSpecialPrice" method from "PriceCalculationService" to "ProductExtensions".
  • Added "RoundPrice" method to IPriceCalculationService. This way developers can customize the way rounding is done. For example, some currencies (e.g. hungarian forint) use non-standard rules for rounding.
  • Moved import/export of newsletter subscribers to ImportManager/ExportManager. Previously we had this logic in controllers.
  • A lot of other source code refactoring.


  • PayPal plugins. Some users could get "Access Denied on Paypal IPN verification" error. We should pass "User-Agent" to PayPal servers.
  • Localized some hard-coded locale resources.
  • Grid double data binding issue fixed in admin area.
  • Do not allow dots in blog post tags. Otherwise, it can cause routing issues.
  • Product availability dates were ignored on some pages (e.g. bestsellers, recently viewed products, cross-sell products, etc).
  • PayPal Direct plugin did not pass "Address 2" (shipping address).
  • Canada Post, FedEx, UPS plugins. We should consider dimensions (width, length, height) of associated products when requesting rates.
  • AppendHeadCustomParts method could throw a formatting exception in some rare cases.
  • Checkout progress block should not be visible on the shopping cart page when customers don't have any items in the cart and when one-page checkout is enabled.
  • Campaign editor did not support "DOCTYPE", "Body" and "style" HTML elements.
  • We should not display a warning when someone tries to add a product with "minimum order quantity" more than to the shopping cart. Let's redirect such customers to the product details page which has "quantity" field.
  • "Disabled" attribute was not properly rendered for read-only checkbox attributes.
  • Login page. "Please enter a valid email address" should be localizable.
  • We should hide "Back" button for the first checkout step ("Shipping address") when "Billing address" step is disabled.
  • "AttachmentFilePath" property of "QueuedEmail" got empty when we edited an existing queued email.
  • Low stock report should not include grouped products.
  • USPS plugin. Sometimes we passed wrong package size (REGULAR or LARGE).
  • Canonical URL for product tags could be generated wrong way in some cases (e.g. when a product tag had a space).
  • Fancybox caused warnings in CSS bundling
  • We should not ignore case when looking for a product with the same textbox attribute.
  • We should not apply additional shipping charge for in-store pickup.
  • Google Shopping (Froogle) plugin did not properly loaded categories in multi-store environment (for categories limited to distinct stores).
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