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nopAngels is a young company based on the concept of "business angels". Our team's been developing nopCommerce solutions since 2011. Do you have a good and disruptive e-commerce project and need any help to make it happen? Come and tell us what you have in mind, and let's shape it up together!

Installation und Ersteinrichtung, Entwicklung und kundenspezifische Anpassung, Integration von Drittanbietern, Verbesserung der Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Technischer Support und Beratung
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Zertifizierte Entwickler
Jahre der Partnerschaft
  • Development on demand: Whatever need you have, we can help you. The process is as easy as:
    1. We have a first meeting to gather requirements.
    2. In the second meeting, we explain the work to be done and give you our quotation, including partial milestones' deliverables and deadlines.
    3. You have some time to take our quotation under consideration, and accept it or not.
    4. Once you've accepted the quotation, we start developing the project.
    5. We can have some more meetings to every milestone, with its deliverables.
    6. Once the project is finished you get the source code, and we can help you deploy it to your hosting provider.
  • Development on loan: The process is the same, but it works in a "loan" mode. It means we're loaning you the value of our work, that you can pay month by month over up to 5 years.
  • Development on invest: This is our newest service. For those projects that are really interesting for any reason, we can "invest" a part or even the entire cost of the development getting in return a participation in your business. That participation can have so many different shapes. Anyway, we always offer an advantageous rebuy option to you!


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Address: C/ Alhendín 14.
ZipCode: 18016
City: Granada
Country: Spain.
Email: [email protected]
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