Pre-installed nopCommerce

Use a simple and fast nopCommerce installation solution created by the nopCommerce team in collaboration with our hosting partner, Winhost.

Our hosting plan comes with the platform pre-installed. That means you can start working on your website right away.



No technical knowledge or skills required. nopCommerce comes pre-installed.


The latest nopCommerce version comes pre-installed in the hosting account.

Fast and reliable

The pre-installed hosting plan ensures fast and reliable work of nopCommerce

Free trial

Winhost is offering a 30 day free hosting trial for pre-installed nopCommerce stores.

Steps to get your nopCommerce store live

  1. Choose a new domain for your store or use an existing domain
  2. Sign up for the Winhost pre-installed nopCommerce hosting plan
  3. Fill in a few fields to access the admin panel of your store

Your store is ready to go!

Create your successful store right now!