GBFT Online: expanding sales by linking major domestic online shopping malls

Active Brain
GBFT Online: expanding sales by linking major domestic online shopping malls
統計 #1
519% sales growth
統計 #2
200 new members per month
統計 #3
496% more products sold

GBFT Online focuses mainly on consumer electronics and home appliances.

Earlier, registering products and shipping arrangements for each shopping mall was done manually. Prices were updated manually using Excel sheets.

It became difficult and inefficient to manage orders this way due to increasing number of products in a catalogue and units sold. Optimization needed to be done in order to handle the expansion of sales channels and to prevent lost opportunities.


A system automating and streamlining existing processes needed to be fast and at the same time flexible to accommodate the changing environment such as building a new main store.

The most important requirements:

  1. Orders - Shipping (Operation required 24 hours/365 days)
    Directing shipping commands to products stored at FBA effectively.
  2. Shipping Confirmation (Operation required 24 hours/365 days)
    Notifying a customer after shipping an FBA product (issuing a receipt/sending an email) in a timely manner.
  3. Price Revision (Operation required 24 hours/365 days)
    Checking price changes and setting optimal prices for each mall accurately.
  4. Strengthening sales
    Responding flexibly to the increase in sales channels and being able to operate in a short time.

Building the main store while implementing branding and growing sales.


In order to support 24 hours/365 days operating, nopCommerce's schedules were used. This enabled flexible changes of the execution intervals at a user level. Being able to save and confirm the execution log was useful for troubleshooting. Using the schedules also enabled more productive plug-in development.

After the main store launch (August 2017), the multi-language feature was used to prepare Japanese, English and Chinese pages.

Product display, handling orders, price revision, shipping commands, inventory linkage, billing process and issuing receipts were created as custom automated features. To realize these features 34 plugins were developed.


Connecting malls based on nopCommerce platform supported the sales growth significantly. Furthermore, in 2017 the main shop site was set up and launched in a very short time. The main shop attracts 200 new members per month and sales grow steadily.

Some of the numbers:

  • Sales - 519% up
  • Number of stock goods - 442% up
  • Number of products sold - 496% up
  • Registered members (in 10 months) - 2500
  • Number of malls 4 to 7

Active Brain is a Japan based development company that specializes in system development and integration to Amazon shop and Yahoo shop for many years.