Meama Coffee: turning coffee into code

Meama Coffee: turning coffee into code
統計 #1
1,5 minutes average checkout time
統計 #2
4,5 minutes average session time
統計 #3
180k cups of coffee consumed during the project


Meama is an innovative coffee capsule producer offering new experience in coffee consumption. Coffee lovers can purchase coffee capsules, coffee machines and accessories from the website and via mobile app. The product was newly launched, and the client wanted to build a modern and tasteful website where users would have as smooth purchasing experience as the flavors of Meama coffee itself.


The brand was totally new, so the main challenge was to build a website from a scratch with attractive and unique design while not compromising on the technical part of the project. Clear navigation and making the process of purchase convenient for customers were the priority goals. Wandio has been already working with Meama when developing a mobile app, so Meama decided to approach Wandio team for a bigger project for this time.

The main requirement of the client was to use a stable and configurable application. Relying on the extensive experience of Wandio in working with ASP.NET technology stack, the client chose nopCommerce 4.20 as a shopping cart for his project.


The first step was to retain more customers on the website. Wandio added authorization via Facebook and email: it allowed to shorten the process of registration for users, and they could proceed to the purchasing process without complications.

To simplify the navigation on the website and cut the number of steps that customer should make before he reaches a particular product, Wandio placed product categories on the home page, what made the categories easier to access. They have also added simple filters to the products list to help consumers to filter desired coffee by the type of roast, bitterness and strength profile.

In the meantime, the other important point for Meama was to present the product with the best side to stimulate customers for buying it. Wandio has used short and long descriptions to demonstrate all the characteristics of each particular product. To increase customer experience, they also added thematic icons to coffee’s flavor profile to help users perceive the taste characteristics with the visual image: for example, the coffee with a nutty flavor had an icon of a hazelnut. The image of fruit, berry, or a nut was creating in consumer’s mind a strong association with taste experiences: it became easier for customers to imagine the taste of coffee, so they were more disposed of purchase.

Purchase page

Another task was to implement tools that could amplify additional sales on the website. Wandio created a mega menu (categories menu) where users can see featured and most requested categories. Also, during the purchasing of the coffee capsules, a customer was able to see a coffee machine that was suitable for this type of capsules. This feature became possible within custom functionality developed by Wandio, which helped to increase the total revenue.

To provide customers with convenient payments in Meama store, its payment system was integrated with Unipay. Wandio team says, that it was their first and nonetheless successful experience working on Unipay integration. The online shop was also integrated with Meama’s SAP’s ERP program, which they have been already used.


The store was successfully launched at the beginning of February 2020. Wandio describes the whole process of working on the project as “pleasant”. They enjoyed the collaboration with Meama coffee, and due to cohesive work of client and nopCommerce solution partner, the average checkout time was reduced to 1.5 minutes. The average session time is 4,5 minutes.

An interesting fact: during the project, monthly coffee consumption was approximately 180k cups, which equals the size of one Boeing Airplane.