Procosplay: 30% Sales growth after Improving search result

Procosplay: 30% Sales growth after Improving search result
統計 #1
30% growth in sales
統計 #2
Improved customer acquisition from the search
統計 #3
Reduced zero-hit queries during the search


Procosplay is a premium-quality costume and accessories manufacturer. Be it Avengers, Justice League, X-Men, games, or any anime cosplay costumes or accessories Procosplay is a one-stop shop solution. Procosplay is known for its large inventory of quality cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, cosplay props, as well as other accessories. You name the character and they have its outfit and if not available they make an exact copy for you, all you need to do is send them the photos of the character. That’s the level of expertise they possess.


The Procosplay team was aware of the fact that their website search engine was not working optimally. It was not able to process Procosplay’s large inventory quickly and effectively. Due to this the customers were unable to search for the right product with ease and were leaving the website. The poor search results were impacting bounce rate, customer experience, and sales.

Procosplay needed something that can improve the search experience of the website so that their customers can easily find what they need and they can improve the conversion rate of the website. In short, their requirement was to:

  1. Improve Customer experience
  2. Reduce Bounce rate
  3. Improve conversion rate
  4. Improve search quality


When the Procosplay team contacted nopAccelerate with their need to improve the search engine on their website, our team thoroughly analyzed the search history of the Procosplay website to understand their customer mindset and to find the shortcomings.

Based on the analysis nopAccelerate offered them their customizable search engine NopAccelerate Plus Pro as a solution. The search engine was not only tailored to meet the need of Procosplay but it also offered them extra features to take their customer experience to next level.

The website-specific customization offered in the search engine includes:

  • Fast search results by integrating enterprise-level Apache Solr.
  • Built-in live Ajax search to show instant results as soon as users start typing.
  • Spell Check to check spelling mistakes and improve search accuracy.
  • Autocomplete to predict customers' requirements and enhance search speed.
  • Advanced language and text analysis to display Relevancy based results. This was done to reduce the Bounce Rate and ensure that accurate search results are picked from Procosplay’s large inventory.
  • Instant Auto indexing to immediately add the existing and newly added product to the search database for results.
  • Increased result quantity to display all relevant products on search.
  • A thumbnail search shows the image in the search result to improve customer experience.
  • Browsing history to pick up where the customer left the website on the last visit.


A search engine is the backbone of an eCommerce website. A fast, reliable, and accurate search engine is a must-have for all levels of eCommerce businesses. Companies like amazon, Flipkart, etc. take special care of their website search engines to deliver optimized results and avoid bounce rates.

Implementation of NopAccelerate Plus Pro on the Procosplay website gave them a positive response. It resulted in:

  • Improving customer acquisition from the search result page.
  • Reducing zero-hit queries during the search.
  • 30% growth in sales.

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