Szop: 70% increase in the number of orders after the store redesign

Szop: 70% increase in the number of orders after the store redesign
統計 #1
70% increase in the number of orders
統計 #2
20% increase in the number of customers
統計 #3
17% growth of the average order value is an online store selling polish products in the United Kingdom. This online store was created to fulfill the need in domestic goods of the Polish community living in the UK.


The company wanted their online store to be rebuilt and redesigned. The previous version had issues with accepting payments via credit cards, so one of the improvement areas was to set up a payment gateway integration. Other important targets were adding some advanced functionality and improving the user experience.


Design and UX

Promotion sections were added to the main page together with ribbons (this functionality was implemented via a plugin) to highlight promotional products and allow customers to easily find the discounted items.

Quick access to the most important information from an account page has allowed customers to view the section with all the recent orders, pending deliveries and the wishlist on the main website page if logged into the online store.

The product details page was also customized to provide the customers with more detailed information about products, for example, such specific characteristics as Gluten-free / Veg suitable, or expiration date, which becomes a crucial issue while selling grocery products.

More detailed information about products

Payment Gateway Integration

SagePay was chosen as the main payment provider for Szop online store, so the plugin was built using server-to-server communication. Besides supporting a number of functions, it has an important feature ‘Save credit card details for further transactions’, which requires from customers only a CVC code.

Shipping Options

Szop online store has its own delivery option available only for certain areas defined by postcodes. Customers can choose the delivery date and the time slot and change it if needed after an order was placed.


Choose the delivery date

One more important feature which has been implemented is an opportunity to edit an already placed order. If a customer wants to purchase some products, he/she doesn’t need to place a new order. Instead of it, the customer is allowed to add products to the existing/pending order.


Out-of-the-box nopCommerce reward points functionality was used for setting up the loyalty program. Customers can earn points for registering on the website, placing an order, participating in polls, leaving reviews and recommendations. The earned points can be used to pay for orders.


TMotions has implemented a responsive and mobile-friendly design that meets the needs and goals of a client. The user experience was improved to make sure that browsing through the online store is easy and a higher conversion is achieved. As a result, the number of customers increased by 20% within the first year after setting up a new online store and continues to grow. There was a 70% increase in the number of orders and a 17% growth of the average order value.

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