Automatic Similar Products

Automatic Similar Products
Automatically find and display similar products
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Versões suportadas: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50
Criado: novembro 27,2021
Última atualização: fevereiro 06,2023


This plugin finds and displays similar products for any product dynamically and in real time, based on nopCommerce product specification attributes. The plugin was introduced in this blog post, where a technical overview can also be found.

Getting started

After installing the plugin and inputting the license key on the configuration page, no additional setup is required to use the Similar Products plugin. The default settings already work quite well for most stores.


The plugin settings can be changed on the configuration page found under Admin/Configuration/Widget.

License key

Input the key received with your purchase of the plugin. It can be found in the order confirmation, which should also have been sent to you by e-mail.


The relative weights to be assigned to different attributes when comparing products for similarity. Attributes with higher weights will be considered more important, and any weight can be set to 0 to turn off comparison on the corresponding attribute.

Price: The similarity in price between two products will be weighted by this number. Turned off by default.

Specification attributes: A pair of products will be considered more equal if they share the same specification attribute option for a specification attribute, weighted by this number.

General settings

Number of displayed products: The number of similar products that will be displayed on a product page. Note, however, that in many themes including the default theme, the maximum number of products that can be displayed is the default value of 4.

Use caching: Whether to store the computed values in the cache. Enabling cache does not improve performance, but is necessary if you are using a distributed cache to share data between instances. If you are unsure, leave this option unchecked.

Theme integration

To integrate the Similar Products view component into your store's theme, if it is not already supported, simply copy and rename the Related Products component from Themes/[your theme]/Views/Shared/Components/RelatedProducts/Default.cshtml to Plugins/Widgets.SimilarProducts/Themes/[your theme]/Views/SimilarProducts.cshtml. Open the file in a text editor and replace "Products.RelatedProducts" in the title element with "Majako.Plugin.Misc.SimilarProducts.SimilarProducts".


Please note that stores that do not use product specification attributes would not benefit from this plugin.

Majako's Similar Products plugin is currently in use on

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