Cancel Order Option plugin (By NopAdvance)

Cancel Order Option plugin (By NopAdvance)
This plugin allows the customer to cancel their order at particular order status. The order status is defined by the store owner while configuring the cancel order plugin.
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Versões suportadas: 4.50, 4.60
Criado: julho 01,2022
Última atualização: janeiro 24,2023

Cancel Order Option

Cancel Order Option plugin allows the store users to cancel their order at a particular Order Status. While configuring the plugin, the store owner is asked to define the order status when he won't allow the customer to cancel the order.

Key features

1Setting for Order Cancellation is not allowed to selected order status. The store owner can choose multiple options for the dropdown.

2A text area for adding a message related to order cancellation when the order has one shippable and one non-shippable product. The message will pop up only when the non-shippable product is downloaded once or a gift card is activated.

3Message templates to notify the store owner and vendor regarding customer order cancellation.

4Multi-store configuration supported.

5Order note when a customer cancels an order.

6Customer event log for order cancellation.


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Supported nopCommerce version 4.50 & 4.60

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