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eCommerce SEO

Configure your online store's SEO settings and conveniently add tags and descriptions for your products.

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in search results. Our SEO tool for eCommerce helps you get higher search rankings, meaning more organic traffic going to your online store.

SEO-friendly URLs

To make store pages more search engine-friendly, a store owner has full access to keyword tags and customized URLs management sections. nopCommerce also supports product pages with SEO-friendly names out of the box.


There are two popular versions of sitemaps, and nopCommerce supports both of them. An XML sitemap is a structured format of a site that a visitor doesn't need to see. The sitemap gives information about the pages of a web store to search engines: their relative importance to each other, and how often they are updated. HTML sitemaps are designed to help users find content on a page. They don't need to include each subpage. HTML sitemaps help both visitors and search engine bots find pages on your eCommerce website.

Technical seo for eCommerce

Microdata for SEO

Microdata is a specification to embed machine-readable data in HTML documents. Integrating microdata into your website's code offers a number of potential advantages. First, microdata can give the search engine spiders more context for the type of information on the website and the way the site should be indexed and ranked. Another benefit of microdata is the creation of "rich snippets", which display more information on search result pages than traditional listings. nopCommerce supports Twitter and Open Graph (Facebook) META tags for your eCommerce store.

Localizable URLs

nopCommerce allows a store owner to localize URLs. URL localization increases the chance of matching search results in other cultures/languages to your web store.


nopCommerce supports breadcrumbs. They ease navigation within the search engine results page, which makes your online store's listing look more attractive and trustworthy. Also, when it comes to huge websites, breadcrumbs can be a great way to help users identify where they are located.

Local seo

URL Canonicalization

URL canonicalization is used to reduce indexing of duplicated pages and it makes a site more crawlable by setting a store URL to the canonical (preferred) URL for each category and product page of your web store.

Google Analytics integration

nopCommerce is integrated with Google Analytics. The eCommerce transaction tracking tool automatically connects your online store's Google Analytics data with customer transactions.

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