Scootaround: multi-store and multi-currency setup using nopCommerce with ERP, financial and rental integrations

Scootaround: multi-store and multi-currency setup using nopCommerce with ERP, financial and rental integrations
Estatísticas # 1
Increase in revenue by 80%
Estatísticas # 2
Decreased customer cancellations and churn by 35%
Estatísticas # 3
ERP integration led to cost savings of $ 400,000 per year

Scootaround is the nation’s leading personal transportation solutions transnational company offering rental, sales, and repair services for scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs, and rollators at over 2,500 locations across North America

and Europe.


Scootaround’s existing website did not have a satisfactory user experience. The company wanted to integrate orders with customers to their CRM in Hubspot to improve Customer Service.

Customers on the site were unable to rent equipment and internal processes were cumbersome due to a lack of integration with their homegrown ERP – Business One.

Scootaround was not able to offer equipment renting services at airport locations across the USA because that function was not available at the previous platform. Scootaround thought it would help increase revenue by offering financing options to customers.

To customize the rent product functionality as per the location, easily understand customer’s requirements, and deliver and pick up location with date and time, product delivery management, etc., Sigma Solve chose nopCommerce to meet the requirements.


We created a world-class user interface and experience using nopCommerce custom design and navigation. The site has been designed and developed from scratch, using wireframes, mockups, and prototypes along with customers’ inputs.

We performed rental integration with the help of various third-party API integrations to attract more customers who can rent their equipment at airports, seaports and other locations. For handling these API integrations, we have created a customized plugin for nopCommerce.

Sigma Solve Integrated with 3rd party to offer the financing for Scootaround’s products thus increasing the reach of the product for its target audience.

Custom filters & sorting options

Customers have access to different filters to view the products as per their requirements. To rent or shop for the equipment, users can use different filters including location, categories, brand, delivery location, date, return date and time, etc. Sigma Solve implemented this feature using the nopCommerce marketplace plugin and doing some customization on that.

Equipment Finder

Customers can rent/shop with the customized functionality to search the equipment exactly as per their requirements (i.e. device type selection, destination type, weight, etc.). For implementing equipment finder, was created a customized selection process using categories and attributes selection based on the configurations from the admin panel of nopCommerce. Using the equipment finder, the process of searching and buying the equipment becomes much easier which has provided significant improvement in the overall revenue and customer satisfaction.

Equipment Finder

Customize Loyalty System

A custom loyalty system, more configurable than the default out-of-the-box functionality, was implemented. This system allowed the customer to calculate points and show the user points towards their purchases. For the multi-store setup was set up a custom loyalty system for each store.

With the help of the nopCommerce reordering feature, there was a positive impact on the overall revenue. For making it more comfortable for users, was given the ability for auto-renewal by doing customization.

Machine Learning algorithms were used to reduce customer churn.

ERP Integration

For managing inventory and the products sync to the ERP, was implemented customized logic around nopCommerce and implemented logic for the ERP synchronization.

Also, 6 custom plugins were developed for filters and mega menus.


  • Increased revenue from the previous site by over 80% by offering rentals, financing options, and better design and navigation.
  • Improved the reach of the new site to the target audience, improved availability and site uptime
  • Reduced customer churn and cancellations
  • Notifications and Marketing Automation workflows now help to reorders.
  • Increases in revenue observe on the new user-friendly website.

Sigma Solve, Inc is a leading custom web & mobile application development company based in Florida. As a nopCommerce expert, its differentiator is low cost of development (less than half of most development companies) and excellent customer service to ensure client satisfaction and success in the marketplace.