Aramex shipping Integration

Aramex shipping Integration
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Your way to integrate with Aramex
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Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions.

Today, the Aramex network encompasses more than 18,000 employees in over 60 countries offering comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions to both retail and wholesale customers worldwide.

The range of services offered by Aramex includes integrated logistics solutions, international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, secure records and information management solutions, and e-services, including e-business solutions and Shop and Ship.


Plugin Overview

Calculate the shipment rate from based on the original shipment country and destination country/city. Add, cancel and track your shipments.

The plugin contains the following features:

1- Rate Calculator
Inquire about shipping rate and provide your customers with real time rates through integrating this service with your system. 

2- Shipping Services 
Request a pickup, create shipments and view shipping labels

3- Shipments Tracking
Real time updates to keep track of your shipments status. 


3- Location Services
Fetch all countries and cities so it be easy to select from drop down list.

Plugin settings:

  • Specify the merchant account on Aramex (username, password, account country, account entity, account number, account pin).
  • Specify the payment type.
  • Specify the product type (PDX, PPX, PLX, ...).
  • Specify the preferred currency in the calculation.
  • Specify the weight unit (KG, LB).
  • Specify the dimension unit (M, CM).
  • Support the Cash on Delivery payment. Just put the system name of the COD payment method.
  • You can add additional charges when selecting Aramex.
  • Test account configuration is exist at installation of the plugin.
  • Some of the above configuration needs to be supported with the merchant account in Aramex.
axis 07.07.2020 2:42
very good plugin.
Very good plugin support is very good prompt response highly recommend
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khalilme 19.01.2020 14:01
its not working
I dont know what type of developer is showing
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
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[email protected] 05.07.2018 4:08
Bad support
Bought plugin 10 days ago and still struggling to integrate.
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Менеджер ответил на этот отзыв
Hi Faheem,

We were working with your colleague Saleem since the first day to finish the integration. You were have changed the Nop source code and did lot of customization that prevent it working and we explained that this si not correct to be done and will affect any plugin and that was the first issue and it was from your side. Integration is working form the first day but the configuration was not correct. We have explained all necessary configuration for the NOP itself but you still not able to configure it. We fixed your configuration at his localhost, then he moved the our plugin to the public and didn't apply again the needed configuration, then we helped him to do it again! You need to have some information about the Nop and how to configure it as we extend our support in the last period to learn you the NOP configuration. Yesterday, we have asked for the product type that you should use and we still didn't get an answer. Also, you need to use our formal support channel using our website so we can track all chats.