Recurring Payment Cycle is not recur in Paypal while making from nopCommerce paypal standard plugin.

4 года назад
Hello team,

I have made little customization in Paypal standard plugin I have made recurring Payment supported for some condition. I have used sandbox test account.

for making recurring/subscription profile i have used txn type ="_xclick-subscriptions".

for making recurring supported payment i have done this code in paypal standard plugin PostProcessPayment Mehod located in PayPalStandardPaymentProcessor.cs file.

            builder.Append(string.Format("&p3={0}", 1));
            builder.Append(string.Format("&srt={0}", 5));
            builder.Append(string.Format("&src={0}", 1));

using above code i have successfully redirect to Paypal site & even my recurring/subscription profile also generated.

Now issue is:-
Issue is If i go for View history in Paypal & check remaining cycle it display 4 but it recurring or cycle frequency set to daily. Its last Payment due on Apr 23,2016. Profile started date is Apr 19, 2016 | 22:01:04 PDT ,so remaining cycle should be 1 but it display 4. & also it should be give response to my website when it recurring i have made log for every response from Paypal but it will not give me response on my IPN Handeler Method Of Paypal standard plugin IPNHandler Method located in PaymentPayPalStandardController

Should i miss something while making a recurring profile in paypal? Or should i have to make call for getting recurring payment?

Please advice
4 года назад
We have done a similar configuration and facing the same issue. Were you able to fix this?
4 года назад

We have did proper code but it is problem of Paypal test sandbox. Paypal developer are working on it to solve this problem. If your recurring profile is generated on the Paypal test account than your code is proper.

If not then look into your code. But if recurring profile is generated then we are not able to do anything until Paypal test account issue is not resolved.