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один год назад
We at HyperNop are happy to announce our new “Product 360 Viewer” plugin.
This plugin will give the store owner the ability to present a 360-degree view of their products so their customers would be able to make their purchases with the ease of mind.

By using many images of a product from different angels, store owners can create a 360-degree and interactable image for their products.

Plugin Features:

-The ability to view products from different angles.
-The ability to change angles with the mouse.
-The ability to view in the full-size page.
-With a management section to manage products images.

For more details please visit: Product 360 Viewer plugin
6 месяцев назад
Added support nopCommerce 4.30.

Link to our site:
один месяц назад
Hi HyperNop,

We are trying to purchase this product but we are getting no payment method available error. Can you please let us know how we can purchase this product.