How a blog can help your growing e-Commerce business: Part-2

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What’s holding you back from writing blog posts for your e-Commerce business? Is it that you don’t have enough ideas?

If you read Part-1 of this series, we went over some points on how a blog plays an important role for the growth of your e-Commerce business. Blog is a great way to have quality content on your website related to your products/services.

But, how do you come up with quality content for your blog posts if you are not a writer? A lot of business professionals (or owners) do not know what to write. Remember, as a business professional (or owner), you deal with many clients or prospects. You understand a potential customer’s needs in your industry and get asked perhaps thousands of questions every month. Most commonly asked questions can be your next blog post.

Today, we will discuss a few ideas that can inspire you as a business professional (or owner) to write quality content for your e-Commerce blog:

Sneak peak of new products

You can use your blog to give a sneak peak of your new products before the official release. This strategy can easily excite your customers towards your new product(s). This will help in nurturing your existing relationship with your customers as they will be the first ones to see the new product(s) directly from you.

This will also help you to gather feedback from your existing or potential customers which might help you to improve your product.

See Example: You can see in this example that a company is giving a sneak of their new product and how everybody is getting excited about it in the comment section while looking forward to the launch.

“We’ve been hard at work at our secret new product and while it’s not quite ready yet, we’re so excited that we decided it was high time to give you a preview.
Any guesses what it is? Guess correctly and we’ll hook you up with a free copy once it’s released!”

Answering your customers’ questions

Do you know that answering your customers’ questions successfully can make a difference in winning or losing a sale? Some customers ask specific questions related to issues or features of your product, while others ask general questions about industry, brand or your expert opinion. As a business professional (or owner), you should always keep one thing in mind while answering your customer’s questions – Your customer would rather do business with a trusted brand/company who has the knowledge of the industry rather than a sales person who is only selling products for the sake of making money without any knowledge.

See Example: You can see in this example that a company is answering the most commonly asked questions which clearly shows that the company cares about its users.

“We’ve received many comments and questions from users. (Please keep that feedback coming!) Here are five of the most common questions and issues we’re hearing about the new website, and what we’ve done to respond to them.
As you can see, we take all comments and critiques seriously, and we are doing our best to respond quickly to problems and sources of confusion. Thank you—and keep the feedback coming!”

Reward your customers: “Customer of the month”

Running a program like “Customer of the month” can bring a lot of benefits to your online store and make the relationship with existing customers much stronger. First, you will always have some content to write for your blog while running this kind of program. This also brings value to your business as a brand because it shows that you are acknowledging your customer’s presence and rewarding them for their contribution to your online business.

Now, you must be thinking, how to choose your “Customer of the month”? Depending on the type of products and services that you offer, you can have a set of criteria that will make it easier for you to run this kind of program. Remember, you should never make the mistake of choosing your “Customer of the month” only based on the sale or how much money a costumer has spent. This can discourage other loyal customers who didn’t spend a lot or bought inexpensive product(s). Instead, you should focus on the stories that might inspire other customers to do business with you. You can write about how your product/service made a big change in your customer’s life or how your customer achieved success.

See Example: You can see in this example that a company is talking about their monthly reward program and covering the story of one of their customer that might inspire others to use their services.

“Our first Brandlive Customer of the Month is Sara Garrison from 5.11 Tactical. Working with Sara Garrison has been beyond a pleasure.
Thanks to Sara, Brandlive’s first Customer of the Month, for being a great partner!”

So, next time when you run out of ideas, why not use one of these? Remember, the more blog posts you write, the better you will become in communicating with your audience and converting them to potential customers. Your efforts will certainly pay off, because as the number of your blog posts increases, your audience will also grow.

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Author: Lavish Kumar

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