nopCommerce has won CMS critic's "Best eCommerce Solution for SMB" award

We are deeply pleased to announce that nopCommerce won the CMScritic's "Best eCommerce for SMB" prize.

We are very excited to accept this award, as it recognizes not only our efforts in making eCommerce but also the strength of our community.

This fact really excites us since it is the formal recognition of our efforts as developers and marketers. But this is not only our victory, this is a little triumph of our community, which is inseparable from the nopCommerce product. Our community and partners are chief developers, designers, and testers in the nopCommerce world. And the product served a great base for opening your talents. I believe, that best things in life come for free. And good software must be among them.

This is a start of the great year for nopCommerce!

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18.02.2016 02:50
Congratulations NopTeam!!!
13.04.2016 00:19
Congratulations Nop..
One question whats means SMB