Retail support infrastructure with an example of Volvo Cars

Brandon Company
Retail support infrastructure with an example of Volvo Cars
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100% full retail support cycle
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Volvo Cars sells beautifully crafted merchandise to their clients. The Volvo Car Lifestyle Collection includes items that meet the needs of all customers, from high-end, exclusive lifestyle products to branded, giveaway merchandise.


Full-circle eCommerce and retail solution, including:

  • ERP integration
  • CDN
  • Shipping integration
  • Duty calculation
  • Customized customer roles/shop and prices setup by customer roles


  • The nopCommerce system is integrated with Brandon’s enterprise resource planning system, through which Brandon places orders with its factories in Europe and the Middle East. The ERP system is from Stockholm-based Jeeves Information Systems
  • The same code base for all served shops
  • СDN for storing images and files
  • Own shipping web service API to calculate shipping
  • Own API for string resources
  • External API for duty calculation

  • Customer role modal plugin. The website helps clients cut costs by establishing a hierarchy for approving the purchasing of materials. At the lowest level is the Requester, who could be a store manager who needs certain materials, such as branded apparel hangers or customer shopping bags. Each order flags a Pro User budget manager, who can approve, modify or reject the requested materials. A Super User oversees both the Requester and Pro User to control marketing spending. He also approves who is authorized to use the site for placing orders.

Brandon went with the nopCommerce enterprise marketplace platform for two key reasons: its open source format and its functionality. Open source software enables web developers to build and share their own custom features or tweak the existing ones themselves which support the client’s needs.

Brandon Company is a retail marketing services firm that’s making the most of eCommerce technology. The Göteborg, Sweden-based company has two operating segments. One develops, produces and distributes branded products, the other segment provides centralized purchasing of retail marketing supplies.