Security by Obfuscation - Hiding NOP Commerce CMS Detection from Public

4 个月 前
Dear All,

One of a critical requirement (for us) in my investigation is to see if Nopcommerce can hide from the public that it is a NopCommerce implementation.

Removing the "Powered by NopCommerce" is the first obvious step however running CMS Detectors available free online still keeps on detecting the site has a underlying platform of NopCommerce.


Can anyone please advise if they have managed to do something like this successfully noting that some of the websites showing under are not being detected to be as NOPCommerce implementation so either they should not be on showcase or they managed to remove any identifying NopCommerce characteristic .

Appreciate any advise / help.

What i've tried but still not successful?

Have removed all mention of Nopcommerce in meta tags, topic pages, comments etc.

3 个月 前
No one?
3 个月 前
Remove the generator="nopCommerce" from meta tags. And change the Cookies in the code. Most of the tools to detect CMS search for generator, cookies pattern and the footer code.
3 个月 前
Ok great! THanks for the lead. I will search through the cookie code.