Public RESTful Web API Plugin (By NopAdvance)

Public RESTful Web API Plugin (By NopAdvance)
Fastest, most secured, optimized & extensive nopCommerce front-end web API. Ideal to connect nopCommerce with any front-end application including mobile applications.
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Unterstützte Versionen: 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
Erstellt: April 15,2024
Zuletzt aktualisiert: Mai 11,2024

v 1.13 (May, 11 2024)

The NopAdvance Public RESTful API offers an advanced solution for integrating nopCommerce front-end methods into mobile applications, headless websites, or other platforms, ensuring a seamless and efficient development process. It aligns with nopCommerce standards, leveraging native services and methods for secure integration.

This API is designed for flexibility and ease of use, allowing for easy configuration and extension without needing the API plugin's source code. With over 200 API methods, comprehensive documentation, and features like multi-store support, it's ideal for enhancing e-commerce solutions.

Features & Benefits


1 Seamless Extension: Extend existing functionality using partial classes without purchasing source code.

swagger documentation for nopcommerce public rest api by nopadvance

Developer-Friendly Tools

Comprehensive Swagger documentation for accelerated development.


Developer-Friendly Tools

Comprehensive  User Guide for accelerated development.

user guide for nopcommerce public restful front-end api by nopadvance

4 Optimized Performance: Leverages response compression and server-side caching for swift responses.

application page to create a separate application per store multi store in nopcommerce public web api plugin by nopadvance

Multi-Store Capability

A single plugin facilitates the use across multiple stores and applications.

6 Robust Security: Features multi-layered authentication, secure JWT handling, and unique API keys for each application, enhancing security without storing access tokens in the database.


Efficient Logging

Detailed  request/response logging and efficient token management to optimize database performance.

request and response detailed logging with debug mode on in nopcommerce public rest api plugin by nopadvance

8 Comprehensive nopCommerce Integration: Full support for nopCommerce customer activity logs and front-end methods, including customer impersonation and guest customer migration.

9 Extensive API Coverage: Over 200 API methods available, covering the entire nopCommerce front-end spectrum.

10 Exclusive Developer Perks: Includes a development mode for API testing, supports refresh token mechanisms, and offers free upgrades for one year post-purchase.

delete expired tokens in nopcommerce ecommerce public rest api for front-end by nopadvance

Efficient Maintenance

Implement a cleanup operation with the option to delete expired tokens Optimizing database space and performance.


Full Administrative Oversight

Administrators gain unparalleled control over the API's usage.

active tokens page to monitor revoke or manage active user sessions in nopcommerce web api plugin by nopadvance
  • 1View a comprehensive list of active customer tokens, equipped with intuitive search capabilities and filters for easy management.

    1Ability to revoke any customer token(s) instantly, ensuring unauthorized access can be swiftly mitigated.

design and developed for developers plugin configuration page for nopcommerce public web api by nopadvance

Designed with developers in mind

Tailor the API's behavior to suit development needs without compromising security or functionality.

  • 1Certain methods that do not require a signed-in user can operate without an API key, facilitating easier testing and integration.

    1The system is designed to avoid the creation of guest users and unnecessary access tokens, streamlining the user experience and maintaining database cleanliness.

    1Utilizes the default "" customer record out-of-the-box, simplifying initial setup and testing processes.


nopCommerce restful public api free updates for 1 year

Free Updates for 1 Year Since Purchased Date

nopCommerce restful public api performance tested, optimized api methods

Highly optimized for performance & security

nopCommerce restful public front-end api with jwt secured authentication and custom plugin support in api methods

JWT authentication & Custom Plugin Support

nopCommerce restful public api supports multiple stores and multiple applications

Multi-store & Multi-application support

nopCommerce public front-end rest api plugin with swagger documentation and user guide

Swagger documentation & User guide

nopCommerce rest api for public frontend methods easy setup and extend plugin with source code or without source code and easily configure

Easy to setup, extend & configure

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