Kriya Payments (B2B BNPL extension)

Kriya Payments (B2B BNPL extension)
Embedded B2B payments solution at checkout gives your customers flexible credit options with instant credit decisions. You’re paid up front, your customers pay how it suits them – in 30, 60, 90 days or at the end of the following month.
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Versions supportées : 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Créée le : février 22,2023
Dernière mise à jour : février 28,2023

Kriya Payments makes it easier for your B2B customers to buy from you online while reducing your credit risk. Giving them instant credit decisions at checkout to pay on flexible payment terms helps them manage their cash flow and make the orders they need to help their businesses grow. You’re paid up front, they pay how it suits them, and the market keeps moving.

You can offer multiple payment terms:

  • 30, 60, 90 days
  • At the end of following month
  • In several instalments.

With one simple B2B payments integration, customers can choose from multiple payment methods, such as Bank Transfer, Direct Debit or Open Banking.


More ways to pay

Offer your customers the payment method, currency and credit terms they're looking for – all powered by our payments platform. With Kriya Payments you can offer 30, 60, 90 day or end of following month payment terms. We also support multiple currencies including Sterling, American Dollars and Euros. Because more ways to check out means more reasons to check in.

Instant lending decisions

No long waits for credit approval. Our embedded finance technology does the work instantly, so when your customer hits checkout, there's nothing to slow them down. Additionally Kriya Payments’ automated risk scoring and fraud review system lighten your teams’ workloads.


Fully customisable reports give you the data you need, when and how you need it. Watch your reconciliations go from slow and manual to instant and automated.

We collect

Save yourself the pain of credit control. We provide the credit, so we also chase any late payments. Leaving you with more time and energy for better things.

Ease of integration

nopCommerce made it even easier to start using Kriya Payments! Simply download the app, pop in some details and you’re ready to go. Get flexible payment terms to your customers in minutes!

What’s in it for you?

Providing flexible payment terms doesn’t just benefit your customers. B2B businesses who integrate with Kriya Payments can realise a 68% increase in average order values. It also strengthens your own cash flow as you don’t need to put any capital at stake. B2B buy now, pay later means better customer experience, which results in greater customer loyalty and retention.

Check out what one of our customers, a meat and fish B2B marketplace, had to say about us – "Kriya gives us an extra element of buyer power and we are able to negotiate better deals with our suppliers as Kriya allows us to pay them upfront while offering the best rates to our customers. [...] With Kriya, we’ve been able to onboard customers that we usually would not be able to serve as they pay longer to repay us.".

Why Kriya?

Kriya is a B2B lender with over 12 years’ risk decisioning experience, standing out from the rest of the market for reliability and exemplary customer service (see our excellent 4.8 Trustpilot score). We provide Account Management, including refunds and credit notes. Join our other satisfied customers and keep business flowing brilliantly.

Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance. We are a fintech platform that keeps business flowing brilliantly by providing frictionless access to payments, credit and working capital through seamless integrations and instant credit decisions.
Founded in 2011, Kriya has helped businesses collect over £20 billion in B2B payments, and advanced over £3 billion worth of credit through working capital and business loans. Kriya has a wide-reaching network of strategic distribution partners including Barclays Bank UK PLC, and is backed by a prestigious array of equity investors including Northzone, Barclays Bank UK PLC and Mouro Capital (owned by Santander Bank).

Need more information?

Visit our website to understand more about Kriya Payments.