Product Growth

Product Growth
This Plugin performs automated pricing analysis of products.
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Versions supportées : 4.00
Créée le : mai 08,2024
Dernière mise à jour : mai 14,2024

The Product Growth plugin conducts automated detailed pricing analysis of products.

Plugin Features:
  1. Pricing Analysis: Conducts in-depth pricing analysis for specified products.
  2. Sync Job Creation: Users can create multiple sync jobs based on product filters like published/unpublished or InStock/Out of Stock status.
  3. Scheduled Tasks: Each sync job triggers a scheduled task to run at defined intervals, determined during sync job creation.
  4. Activation Control: Users can activate or deactivate specific sync jobs as needed.
  5. Task Management: All existing sync jobs can be managed from a single page, allowing for easy editing or deletion.
How to Use:

To utilize this plugin for over 100 products, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'Company Details' button to send an email to the provided email address under the company details.
  2. Upon receiving the token via email, click the 'Token' button to add it.
  3. Once the token is successfully added, you'll gain access to analyze product prices for over 100 products.

Note: When you create a new sync job, it will automatically create a scheduled task in disabled state. To make the scheduled job work, you have to enable the specific linked scheduled task and click the "Run Now" button once.