DHL Express shipping

DHL Express shipping
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Your way to integrate with DHL
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サポートバージョン: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 11月 19,2018
最終更新日: 12月 29,2022

DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn) International GmbH is an international courier, parcel, and express mail service which is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL. Deutsche Post DHL is the world's largest logistics company, now in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, particularly in sea and air mail. The company delivers over 1.3 billion parcels per year

Plugin overview

Calculate the shipment rate from based on the original shipment country and destination country/city. Add, cancel and track your shipments.

The plugin contains the following features:

1- Rate Calculator
Inquire about shipping rate and provide your customers with real time rates through integrating this service with your system. 

2- Shipping Services 
Request a pickup, create shipments

3- Shipments Tracking
Real time updates to keep track of your shipments status. 

Plugin settings:

  • Auto shipment screation and adding them to DHL when the order is paid and shipment was DHL.
  • Specify the merchant account on DHL.
  • Support the Cash on Delivery payment. Just put the system name of the COD payment method.
  • You can add additional charges when selecting DHL.
[email protected] 2023/09/21 7:06
Ok, I will Buy it
But Please are u use Global DHL API or myDHLExpress, because  Global DHL API  not working in Saudi Arabia.
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Our plugin is working in many website in KSA. We can give you a trial version to test but you have to have a valid account. Please contact us at [email protected]
[email protected] 2023/09/20 3:25
Does it support shipping mydhlexpress inside Saudi Arabia?
Hello dear,
Does it support shipping mydhlexpress inside Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries?
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Hi, Yes it is supported. Do you have an account? if yes, we can test it
wisslb 2021/05/05 0:55
do you support 4.30?
do you support 4.30?
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Hi, yes we do. Check this link
[email protected] 2021/01/06 23:48
1.Does this plugin support nopcommerce 3.90?
2.can I do some customized development in this plug-in?
3. Is the file I received a packaged dll file?

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1- Yes we do support 3.90.
2- We can do any customization you want with some extra fees.
3- Yes you will receive a DLL file. No source code will be delivered to you.
hassanayoub85 2020/07/06 10:18
1. Does this allow auto creation of tracking number for the user?
2. If the user purchased from different vender where eacher vender have different address, how the shipping calculation will be done.
3. How the payment to dhl will be done?
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1- Yes.
2- Each address has its rate.
3- This is something you handle with DHL agent.
[email protected] 2019/03/28 20:25
working fine
working fine
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