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Email marketing has the highest ROI of all online marketing channels. In Ecomail, you can create beautiful emails that convert and get customers to finish the purchase or to buy again. With powerful automations, you make sales on autopilot.
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作成日: 6月 01,2023
最終更新日: 5月 16,2024

Ecomail and your nopCommerce store make a powerful duo that will elevate your business to the next level! Let's check out what you can achieve with Ecomail.

Stress- free start with a special offer for nopCommerce users!

The first 50 new customers get a free Ecomail account setup. We will do everything with you! Sign up now and get the package:

  • Your own dedicated success manager
  • First onboarding call

During the call, we will help you set up your account, talk about your mailing strategy and discuss the next steps.

After the call, we will prepare the key features to get your mailing up and running in the first week of using Ecomail. This can include:

  • Sign-up form to collect new leads
  • Custom-made email template in your website design
  • One of the most profitable automation - Welcome automation, Abandoned basket, and After purchase reward

You will also get:

  • additional time for testing - extended 30 day trial
  • priority support
  • no hidden fees

Does this sound too good to be true? Yes, it is too good and it is true!

What’s there for you to do? Just create your account in Ecomail. Then, contact us at [email protected], subject "nopCommerce and Ecomail" and we do everything else for you.

What will you find in Ecomail?

Beautiful emails on all devices

You can easily create a professional newsletter with our nifty drag & drop editor.

Simply select one of our preset templates and adapt it to your needs. The result is a responsive email that displays properly on both desktop and mobile devices. You can also use your Google XML feed for easier product template creation.

Beautiful emails on all devices

Collect new contacts using sign‑up forms

It would be a shame to lose new leads. Don’t let site visitors leave and get their attention with static, drop-down, pop-up, or mobile forms.

You can make them fast in our drag and & drop editor and create a form exactly to your liking. You can also set when and where the form should be displayed and easily add it to your website. Especially pop-up forms can easily catch visitors’ attention and get them to sign up. New contacts will be automatically saved to the contact list in Ecomail.

Collect new contacts using sign‑up forms

Automatic campaigns quick & easy

With automatic campaigns, you’ll reach your subscribers at the right time, and with content they’re actually interested in. Automatic campaigns get noticeably better results than regular newsletters.

You can set up automatic email campaigns with a few clicks and get them to work for you. All of this is based on the conditions you set or specific customer behavior, such as purchases, visited pages, abandoned carts, or other events.

Select one of our pre-made automation templates to make things easier for you:

  1. Welcome campaigns
  2. Abandoned shopping cart
  3. Discount on the first purchase
  4. Birthday wishes
  5. E-book download

...and much more!

Automatic campaigns quick & easy

Email personalization tailor-made for each customer

Customize your email content to each individual subscriber to increase the success of your campaigns.

Simply add the customer’s name and offer them a product based on their recent purchase or favorite category. You can also show the nearest store with personalized blocks.

Email personalization tailor-made for each customer

Database segmentation

Use conditions for better targeting or database sorting.

Segmentation allows you to create smaller customer groups and target them with content made just for them. Improve campaign results with better targeting and highly customized content. You can work with characteristics of the contacts, activity in email campaigns, shopping behavior, or online activities. You can also use segmentation to filter your database and work with active or inactive contacts.

Database segmentation

Test your best ideas with A/B email variants

No need to ditch great email concepts. Let customers decide which one they like the most.

Create two options of emails and send them to a fracture of your database. The data collected from these two versions will determine which concept is more successful, and will be sent to your whole database. So you can learn more about what your customers react to.

Evaluate the success of your emailing

Regular monitoring of results allows you to improve your campaigns continuously.

In the reports, you can find metrics such as open rate, click rate, number of bounced and unsubscribed emails, or an overview of emailing revenue. You can also track your email click-through rate map, campaign performance over time, email inbox share, mobile and desktop open rates, and more.

Evaluate the success of your emailing

Don't forget about our special offer to all nopCommerce users!

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the plugin archive.
  2. Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins.
  3. Upload the plugin archive using the "Upload plugin or theme" plugin.
  4. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin. And click on the "Install" button to install the plugin.

Please find more information about how to install plugins here and a full setup guide here.

Source code:

The free plugin includes source code. Find the project Github repository here.

mvdput 2023/07/07 11:05
Recently moved over to Ecomail
I recently moved over from Sendinblue (now called Brevo) to Ecomail and I really like Ecomail, their supportteam and the flexible way it works!
Their support team created a setup of Ecomail based on my specific situation, which was a great and easy way to start with them.
I will not go back to Brevo as I find Ecomail a lot more user friendly. :)
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xatalij641 2023/06/11 4:12
I never knew email marketing could be this easy!
Thanks to Ecomail, my nopCommerce store is reaching new heights. A definite game-changer!
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segof58858 2023/06/10 1:12
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hedoran761 2023/06/08 13:12
Exceeded expectations. Thank you for the set up help.
Exceeded expectations. Thank you for the set up help.
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nijet 2023/06/06 22:44
Best plugin for nopCommerce.
Best plugin for nopCommerce.
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gahotab407 2023/06/06 2:53
Great plugin for email marketing.
Great plugin for email marketing.
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JakubFilounek 2023/06/05 4:33
Versatile plugin
Does a great job of establishing integration between Ecomail and nopCommerce which allows for a lot of segmentations, automatizations, personalization etc.
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KMGCzech 2023/06/05 1:57
Everything as Described
Great tool for the money. Easy to use
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