Import Manager (

Import Manager (
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Create and update properties of products, categories, manufactures, create pictures, localized values, etc. using external CSV, XLSX, TXT files.
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サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 4月 18,2018
最終更新日: 2月 12,2023

Import Manager

Create and update properties of products, categories, manufactures, pictures, localized values, etc. using external CSV, XLSX, TXT files (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


Import Manager is a powerful plugin that allows users to import data from CSV, XLSX, TXT, and XML files into their store. It is fully compatible with existing products, categories and manufacturers, and allows users to import ZIP files to import pictures. The plugin comes with full documentation and video tutorials to help users get started.

Import Manager enables users to import all properties of products, categories, manufacturers, and any other nopCommerce items, including localized values. It also allows users to import specification attributes and product attributes. Users can even add attributes to products using the plugin.

Import Manager offers an unlimited number of custom import templates, and allows users to configure templates quickly and easily. It provides detailed reports about import results, and allows users to import from URLs, FTP, SFTP, server folders, and file uploads.

Video tutorials


  • Fully compatible with existing products and other items
  • CSV, XLSX, TXT, or XML files for imports
  • ZIP files to import pictures
  • Full documentation and video tutorials
  • All properties of products, categories, manufacturers, and any other nopCommerce items
  • Localized values for products, categories, etc.
  • Import of related products, cross-sell patterns, tier prices
  • Import of specification attributes, options, product attributes
  • Adding attributes to products
  • Unlimited number of custom import templates
  • Simple and fast configuration of a template
  • Detailed reports about import results
  • Imports from URLs, FTP, SFTP, server folders, and file uploads
  • Backing up import files
  • Automatic repeated imports by schedule
  • ACL mapping, Store mapping


Supported nopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10, 4.00, 3.90

Fully localizable using external XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial Version (15 days)

1 year of free support and upgrades

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

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Nationalelectrical 2023/12/14 12:16
Great support
The plugin is a must for any specification attribute importing, nopCommerce's default import tool is useless. Foxnetsoft support is great, they responded swiftly to my inquiries.

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LewisSheldon 2023/11/22 9:28
Excellent Support
Raised a query about an issue I was facing with an import, received a timely response which answered my initial query and resolved the issue.  Very helpful and quick.
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Ryderz 2023/07/26 19:14
Exceptional Import Plugin with Top-Notch Customer Support
This plugin is an absolute lifesaver for product importation. It is not only efficient but also remarkably fast, truly living up to its promise of saving time. What sets it apart, however, is its ability to be fully automated, which can be a real game-changer for businesses dealing with large volumes of products.

One of the highlights of my experience with this plugin was when I requested a minor modification. I needed to import multiple images from a single column, a functionality that was not initially available. To my surprise, this feature was added in just a day after my request, and an update was rolled out promptly. The speed and efficiency of this process were genuinely remarkable.

The customer service is also a cut above the rest. They are quick to respond and always ready to assist with any queries or issues that arise. It is evident that customer satisfaction is a top priority for them.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly product import plugin, this is undoubtedly the one for you. It combines advanced functionalities with top-notch customer support, making it a valuable addition to any nopCommerce setup.
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refresh 2023/04/20 15:01
Must have plug In and great support from Foxnetsoft
This is a must have plugin.  It rocks.
I requested some improvements and i got a great support.
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wombit 2023/02/08 7:05
Quick support!
Really quick and helpful support. Great plugin
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Artdtc 2022/10/19 16:47
Import Manager makes my job easier!
I had to add multiple fields to Nop 4.5 product table.  I used method defined in Nop documentation.  When I use Import Manager, the additional fields are there and I am able to update them.

I just had a question in regards to Import Manager and Foxnetsoft responded within a few hours.  

Great plugin, thank you Foxnetsoft.
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aealden 2022/07/27 7:23
Works flawlessly, FoxNet haev done it again.
As others haves said, the importer is the only one I am aware of that has every base covered. Support is excellent, this plugin is fully featured and like all the others from FoxNet it  just works.
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Jackluv 2022/06/13 11:28
This Foxnetsoft Plugin is a game changer!
I have tried other import plugins in the past and they always have their limitations. This Import Manager has no limitations. You can import specificatons if they dont already exsist (unlike other ones I've tried). Import images... Just zip up a excel file that directs your images where to go along with your images upload the zip file .. Or use a URL to images on another website (say existing website that you have) along your excel file directing them where to go and done!

Specification attributes, import your groups, and options and auto assign them to groups. Then import the specs to the products... I added specs to hundreds of products in minutes.

I am still working with it on my big project, but I can already see this is going to save me so much time its crazy.
This plugin is a game changer for real.. And I have used other Foxnetsoft plugins too.. Like the price manager.. with the problems going on in the world right now, my suppliers are changing (raising) their prices every month. I would be lost without the price manager. I import 4-5 tiers of prices in a matter of minutes.
I cant say enough good about this Import Manager Plugin... If you have any questions PM me...
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Decobella 2022/04/29 5:36
Really good product constantly updated
Only product that supports multilanguage imports that I found. Really good import manager The develepement team is great help if there are any problems with setting everything corectly
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h.jalalishad 2022/01/18 8:39
Product Support
I'm using for testing product and try it, Although i didn't purchase it yet, but i experience a very good and commited support from them,
they response until your problem will be fix.

Like your Team All
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chrislynch 2021/10/04 7:19
Excellent support
I purchased the plugin to import an existing product csv file. I had a query about licencing and also importing products with the correct category/parent category.  I was surprised to get a quick response the same day and also direction on how to achieve the above. Excellent support from Foxnetsoft, I will buy from them again.
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agileworks 2021/09/07 15:49
Great plugin - super usefull
Really awesome plugin, specially to help customers upload massive spreadsheets of products, including images. And then you can create other sync's for categories, acl, etc.

Nice work FoxNet Software!
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karlbasson 2021/08/23 15:40
FoxNetSoft very responsive and helpful - introduced new features requested in a short time. Great communication throughout.
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piotr772 2021/06/14 1:57
Very good support
Very nice and quick support solves problems. There is constant contact with the seller. I highly recommend :)
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xtsiliv 2021/05/19 9:04
The best plugin ever!!
I'm really excited! With this plugin I solved the problem of importing products, super fast with safety! Very powerful plugin and of course great support. Congratulations foxnetsoft team!!
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agileworks 2021/03/05 9:04
Awesome plugin
This is  a very powerful plugin to update massively prices, and with some training, a useful tool for customers themselves. Good Work!
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jails120 2021/03/02 11:41
Excellent Support
excellent support. they stuck with me until the issue was resolved, I am very happy with the support and the product. the category updated in no time.
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botman86 2021/03/02 10:46
Best plugin Ever
We've hundreds of products and with this plugin we can update in a minutes all them!
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JoeWalsh 2021/02/10 14:39
Super useful plugin and excellent support
I have a Nop store with 7000+ products and required a quick way to import translated product titles and descriptions rather than enter them individually via the nop admin which would have taken weeks. With this plugin using the 'Localized product' feature I was able to import all 7000+ product translations in a couple of hours. The support team answered any questions I had very promptly.
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allredcorp 2021/02/05 9:22
Really Useful Plugin and Great Support
This plugin is really useful if you are making product changes like price, images, etc.  Highly recommended.  Foxnetsoft also supports their plugins with great communication and are always there to solve any problem that you may have.
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Fundmentalav 2020/12/17 15:50
Excellent and powerful plugin
Very powerful plugins and as usual extremely responsive and helpful support.
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JoeWalsh 2020/10/15 7:15
Excellent support and great product
The Import Manager plugin is easy to set-up and easy to use. Any questions I had were answered quickly
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Rominoo 2020/08/24 3:55
Helpful plugin, great support
1. Very helpful plugin for complete import, setup and update of hundreds products.
2. Easy to setup templates, great idea with mapping
3. Great support, which solved our needs in several hours.
4. Only thing we've missing is detailed documentation
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varunnaresh 2020/08/07 6:51
Best Plugin for Inventory management
This is a must have plugin for all NopCommerce sites.

The plugin has sooooo many uses and features.

The developers are too good. Awesome & quick support for any and all queries.

Worth every penny. Saves so much time and effort. It even comes with so many extra features and you save yourself from purchasing more plugins later on.
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topbevandesrl 2020/07/16 12:29
Fantastic support
Fast customer support, always available and very prepared to solve any problem
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Fundmentalav 2020/05/25 18:38
Amazing support and powerful plugin
This is probably the best most useful plugin in I have purchased for our Nop Commerce store ever. The support is outstanding and very responsive.
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ArielDeil 2020/04/25 19:20
Best plugin so far
After test many plugins this is the best plugin so far.

I am using this plugin to upload customized excel files from my customers.
The plugin allows to import images and has a strong reporting over all imported data.

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karlbasson 2020/04/10 5:31
Awesome Support
The support is awesome: quick turnaround, responsive to bug fixes and willing to consider plugin change requests.
This plugin is an absolute must for anyone managing a large complicated catalogue.
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[email protected] 2020/03/30 13:24
Awesome customer support
Awesome customer support. Always prompt to respond and to do quick fix if needed.
Customer support * * * * *
Plugin * * * *
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ivanvilla 2020/03/09 12:09
exceptional plugins and support
This pulgin is exceptional and very flexible (like all foxnetsoft plugins, I purchased the complete collection), in a very short time it is possible to import products / manufacturers / categories / specifications etc ... from completely different tracks without having to change them first. But even more important is the assistance, availability and speed of the developer in listening to and solving the problems and advice of his customers. Really good and professional.
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karlbasson 2020/01/23 1:04
Great Product Great Support
This is a great product supported by a responsive developer who is willing to engage and adapt the product where practical
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bucketzero1 2020/01/19 19:47
Good support
Support was quick and responsive when I had a question. I gave them some input on how they could improve the application, and they updated the plugin and released a new version the next day!
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hubhub 2019/12/19 7:53
The latest trial version includes issues

I tested this plugin with nopcommerce 4.2 but it includes errors.

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jmhpickpro 2018/11/16 5:53
Amazing Support!
I have purchased a variety of plugins from foxnetsoft. I have never seen better support! Anytime I have a question or issue I always get quick communication and turnaround. All my sites have at least one of their plugins. Can't recommend them enough.
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Manilo 2018/07/09 19:04
Great support from developer
We purchased this plugin and worked very good, after some awesome support given from the developer to make it work smoothly for a kind of tricky customer. Thank you!
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KCWineguy 2018/05/15 12:45
An Easy way to import pictures
I was searching for a simpler way to handle importing pictures.  In our business, we use AutoQuotes.  

To download photographs, AQ provides a live html link to a particular image.  Prior to finding this plugin, I manually had to click a link, name and save the image locally - and then manually upload into NOP.  

This plugin let us tie a SKU to the html link, and then auto import the pic directly into NOP.  

This plugin has helped me save valuable time.
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