Nop One Page Checkout (

Nop One Page Checkout (
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The Nop One Page Checkout plugin makes checking out simple and straightforward. The reason – checkout happens on a single page. Enjoy a faster, easier, and more enjoyable shopping experience.
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サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 2月 09,2014
最終更新日: 1月 09,2023

One Page Checkout

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The Nop One Page Checkout plugin makes checkout much more simple and straightforward compared to the default checkout in nopCommerce. The reason - the whole checkout process happens on a single page. Reduce cart abandonment and increase your conversion rate with this great new plugin for nopCommerce.


1.Reduces the standard 6 step checkout process to just 1 page.

2.Customers can remove or edit the quantity of their items on the checkout page.

3.Allows customers to select the billing and shipping addresses from their address book.

4.Shipping and Payment options available - they are refreshed according to the shipping and billing address selected.

5.Customers can enter a discount code or a gift card on the checkout page.

6.The store owner can add checkout attributes such as gift wrapping.

7.The store owner can disable shopping cart to speed up checkout.

8.Has responsive design.


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  • Supported versions 3.50 - 4.60
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • Razor files are open to modifications
  • Themeble
  • Free Trial
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
mehdin69 2022/03/30 17:08
don't work in Shipping Restrictions plugin
after set rule in Shipping Restrictions  don't work rule in Nop One Page Checkout plugin!!!!!
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mehdin69 2022/03/30 15:47
don't update shipping method after edit billing address
After updating the billing address. The submission method does not change.
And only after changing the address of the sending place; The sending method also changes
We have determined that goods weighing more than 10 kg should not be sent in some cities
If the options (last billing address, last shipping address, and billing and shipping address are the same) are enabled, it will run into problems.

How to solve this case?
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rfontana 2021/11/21 8:53
Do not ask for address data if pick up in store
We have some customers with a very reazonable question. Why the client have to put his address data if he/she is hoing to pickup the order?

That makes sanse, so please, if you can add that setting option and alter a bit the address data mandatory options and hide those, it will be great.

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[email protected] 2021/06/23 21:06
great plugin!! highly recommend
Very useful plugin! and helpful technical support
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SorgoRojo 2021/04/10 4:06
Great work on this one
I am pleased with the result. All working as expected, it really help to reduce the checkout process friction.
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Asifaman 2020/11/21 3:44
Is Possible without email address,
Is Possible without an email address, the process will finished by phone number
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You can checkout as Guest (no need to register) if this is what you are asking. If you have any other questions simply contact us via email.

gkennedy1 2020/09/02 23:33
Great One Page Checkout Option
We have used the one page checkout on multiple sites and it has always help increase the conversion rate compared to the base NOP checkout.
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zaf 2020/03/30 8:45
It is The Best Plugin for Your Shop!
Everythinng works great! If you want to increase your sales, you must use this plugin! Technical Support is amazing! They will help you whenever you need help with this plugin!!!
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dootchie 2019/12/12 9:59
Love It
I was losing a lot of money due to customers not COMPLETING an order. They would get to the end and not hit Complete. They would then reach out to me asking why they have not received their items. After looking into it, it was because they didn't complete the checkout. So I went searching for a TRUE onepage checkout! Bingo NOP-Templates had  the solution for me. I bought this plugin along with the Nop Pavilion Responsive Theme and it does what I needed PERFECTLY, seamlessly and cleanly.

The Help Files, tutorials and Customer Support are outstanding!

Highly recommended!
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africadave23 2019/10/09 8:31
Great plugin
This gave us a great start in implementing the one-page checkout solution we needed for our site, and support was excellent.
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jkevlorayna 2019/10/08 4:07
Recommended Plugin a Real One Page Checkout Indeed!!!
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mehdin69 2018/06/22 0:51
Postal code field unnecessary
How to make Postal code field unnecessary?
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bwalmsley 2017/02/09 4:06
Fantastic Plugin & Support
The one page checkout is excellent plugin and in my opinion and must have for any nop website. The support you get from nop-templates is exceptional.

I use pretty much all the nop-templates plugins and have 6 nop-templates themes on one nopCommerece site and they integrate without any issues.

Brett W.
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memetolsen 2016/09/26 2:47
Works as expected
This plugin is sweet and the company behind this product is active and helpful.
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deselt 2016/04/14 8:11
I have to recommended this checkout.
This is my second review of this plugin. It went long way and make good progress in speed. The design was always excellent. We using it with Pavilion theme and its nice and clean. The speed make big progress for mobile devices.
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timvasko 2016/02/11 13:54
We have implemented NopTemplates and found them to be extremely helpful for the use cases we have applied for them.  The NOP Team was responsive, the code easy to work with !  Great working with NopTemplates :)
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[email protected] 2016/02/10 3:46
To correct my previous review
Actually I bought this plugin with 50% discount as a theme owner but it came already styled for my theme.
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[email protected] 2016/02/10 2:59
Really nice plugin
It came together with the theme from Nop-Templates, and I am really glad it was featured. Works excellent as expected - Checkout is flawless.
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a.m. 2016/01/19 11:04
Very good!
This plugin looks very good and professional! It can really help you simplify the checkout workflow and increase your sales! Recommended by nopCommerce team!
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Zyje_sobie 2016/01/18 10:50
Really good!
We are really happy customers. We are using Nop-Templates plugins among which the Nop One Page Checkout plugin. If you choose Nop-Template’s plugins you will have fully supported and easy to upgrade ready solution for your ecommerce. All plugins are working great and have helped us grow our ecommerce. We are really satisfied and are waiting for a new product releases. I would highly recommend the plugins developed by Nop-Templates!
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bytye2001 2015/04/27 13:23
Just what NOP needed - A real one page checkout
Been using NOP for 4 years.  NOP is a great eCommerce site.  However, it was missing a solid one page checkout.   Boyko and company delivered a solid plugin. It works just as advertised.  It is fast and implements easily.  Boyko is professional and efficient.  Just what you want in software development. I look forward to using their tools in all my sites.
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