Out Of Stock Last (foxnetsoft.com)

Out Of Stock Last (foxnetsoft.com)
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Move 'Out Of Stock' products to the end of the list and back them if products are 'In Stock' again.
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サポートバージョン: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 4月 17,2018
最終更新日: 1月 03,2023

Out Of Stock Last

Move 'Out Of Stock' products to the end of the list and back them if products are 'In Stock' again (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


Plugin moves 'Out Of Stock' products to the end of the list automatically and back them if products are 'In Stock' again.

How does plugin work?

If product is 'Out of Stock' plugin changes DisplayOrder value for Category and Manufacturer lists with new value 2147483000. When product arrives at the warehouse plugin returns original value of DisplayOrder parameter for Category and Manufacturer lists.

Key Features

1. Support simple products with 'Track inventory' method (support warehouses too)
2. Support simple products with 'Track inventory by product attributes'
3. Support grouped products (plugin move grouped products to the end of the list if ALL product variants are 'Out Of Stock').
4. Remove 'Out Of Stock' products from homepage and 'Featured products' list.
5. Save original position of product in Category and Manufacturer lists.
6. Save original position of product on HomePage.
7. Move products to the end of the list automatically and rollback to old positions.
8. Rollback grouped products if one of product variant is 'In Stock'.
9. You can put products after 'Out of Stock' products using DisplayOrder value greater 2147483000.
10. Plugin doesn't sort products on Search page. If you need to move 'Out of Stock' products to the end of the list write us and we'll give you TSQL script. Only for nop 4.30 and olders.
11. Plugin works VERY fast (use stored procedure and triggers).

Not registered version is fully operational. Plugin has 15 days trial period.


  • Very good performance
  • Support simple products
  • Support grouped products
  • Support products with product attributes


Supported nopCommerce 4.60(MS SQL Server), 4.50(MS SQL Server), 4.40 (MS SQL Server)4,.30 (MS SQL Server), 4.20, 4.10.

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

About US

We did more than 95 plugins for nopcommerce during last three years. Check out portfolio.

mjvakili 2020/07/28 8:33
version 4.3
When version 4.3 be ready?

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two-three weeks
Hyper Nop 2019/06/09 8:38
Greate Plugin
Very best plugin.

Does version 4 support?
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Yes. Plugin support 3.90-4.10 and we'll upgrade it for nop 4.20.
badke 2018/08/20 12:05
Great Support
This extension is awesome. Spent months trying to find a way to sort by in-stock first and finally found it. Unfortunately when I did it didn't work with version 3.8. But I contacted the developer and they offered to make this compatible with 3.8 at no additional cost. The best part was they did it within a day. Thank you to them! Top notch support and extension!
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