Simple Checkout (

Simple Checkout (
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This one page checkout works with any payment plugins.
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サポートバージョン: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 1月 07,2014
最終更新日: 1月 02,2023

Simple Checkout

This plugin helps you simplify NopCommerce checkout process (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


This one page checkout works with any payment plugins! Try it free!

Checkout process is simpler and faster with only one click. Logged in customers already having saved address can finish order easily without entering any billing or shipping address.
Logged-in customers can use their saved address for billing and shipping. They can also add new address which will be available for future checkout. Imagine how it helps us save time.


- Multi-store. Admin can enable/disable plugin for each store
- Templates. Admin can create own template for each store (ex. template 1 and template 2)
- Customer can remove/change products from the cart
- Easy to customize the checkout design
- Shipping & payment methods section will be updated automatically by Ajax. Order total will be changed
- Allow different shipping and billing addresses
- Provides customers with speeded-up checkout process
- Check & agree with "Terms and Conditions" before making a purchase (for v.3.2 and later)
- Supports login or sign-up at checkout page (we recommend to use our Ajax plugin NopPopupLogin)
- You can purchase items as a guest or registered member
- Easy installation
- Easy translation

Unregistered version is fully operational. There is only one limitation – only 100 payments.


  • Many custom settings


Supported nopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

About US

We did more than 95 plugins for nopcommerce during last three years. Check out portfolio.

hightownhill 2023/02/03 10:08
Excellent Support
When we experienced issues with Simple Checkout, our request was promptly replied to and we were provided with plugin updates which resolved the error.
Definitely recommend FoxNetSoft!
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GreatDane 2023/01/26 9:54
Great Plugin
Foxnetsoft makes the best plugins and amazing customer service/support.  Highly recommend.
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Stroka 2022/03/22 2:06
Great plugin
We used plugin on many projects and is really usefull and all great to foxnetsoft team. They have great support.
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jhausotter 2021/05/21 13:05
Excellent Support
Excellent Support, fast one page checkout plugin!
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EmpireRich 2021/05/20 15:45
Top notch support and plugin
The developer is always extremely responsive to supporting their plugins and turnaround on any issues/feature requests have been great. We are using several plugins and SimpleCheckout has fulfilled one of our day one requirements for a one-page AJAX checkout. It simply works well and customization has been seamless for our themes and business logic requirements.
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dootchie 2020/11/12 5:24
Outstanding Plugin's and Support
I'm using 3 of Foxnetsoft's plugins and they are absolutely awesome. The Simple Checkout is truly simple, easy to configure, customize and does exactly what I needed it to do!

Also, their customer support is out of this world. Extremely prompt, helpful and willing to take in ideas/suggestions on how to enhance their plugins.

I will continue to look towards Foxnetsoft for more plugin's in the future.
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GreatDane 2020/05/16 7:41
One page checkout
This plugin works great.  The tech support was outstanding.  Very happy with it.
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proghussein 2017/12/21 7:08
proplem in reward point
all reward point return 0
and cant use point after has point
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What nop version do you use?
Does original nopcommerce checkout add reward points?
What mode of reward points system do you use?
cemali 2017/10/19 5:00
Perfect Plugin and Support
This is a perfect plugin and foxnetsoft team can support you after you bought it almost 2 years ego !!! thank you
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sara123 2017/03/30 2:57
Excellent support!
Great and very useful plugin.
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shvager87 2015/11/18 6:45
Very useful plugin. I love it. And great customer. Thank you!
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ethergeist 2015/04/09 9:49
Excellent Support
Purchased this because customers did not like the original "one page checkout" that is default in nopcommerce.

Needed help getting setup in a specific way at our clients request, so I emailed support. They were very helpful, willing to update the cart (even helped me integrate with our responsive theme), and kept in contact until we had everything the way we needed it.

Definitely would recommend - not many developers I have seen are willing to support their product this way.
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nappinc 2014/05/06 22:20
Very Nice Checkout
I really like this one page checkout and it has several different layout options, pretty nice feature . As payment or shipping info changes  the areas will reload to show the updates . Easy install too.  But I couldn't use because billing and shipping addresses must be same  and no option to change on checkout screen
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klaus.pedersen 2014/01/24 5:25
Nice Checkout
I've been testing it and it looks very Good. However when you have muliple languages it does not update the shipping methods, and thats the only thing stopping me  from going on with this plugin.
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