Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin (SCA,EU) | nopCommercePlus

Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin (SCA,EU) | nopCommercePlus
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Stripe payment gateway integration plugin for merchant service that allows us to make payments safe and secure for e-commerce and other online services that authorizes credit card and other online payment methods for customers.
拡張機能の取得 このプラグインをダウンロードは、開発者のWebサイトにで行われますので、自動的にリダイレクトされます
サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 5月 16,2018
最終更新日: 1月 02,2024
Stripe payment gateway (SCA/EU, PCI) Supported Version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30,4.40, 4.50, 4.60.


In modern era stripe payment gateway is one of the massive payment gateway. We have supported majority of card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay credit and debit cards etc. User Interface is very impressive and it's sync with all modern browser and devices. We are protecting customer card information with PCI compliance. And, we are not preserving any card information at our end. Collect your customer’s payment information easily and securely on web or mobile, and create charges server-side in 135+ currencies.



Authorize the payment and the customer will be charged later on.


Authorize the payment and customer will be charged at the same time.


Capture Charge for "Authorize" payment customer.


Void the payment (for authorized payments).


Recurring Payments support. Recurring subscription is done through stripe payment gateway plugin.


Refund the amount to the customer, Partially/Full.


Supports SCA/EU, PCI.


Supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, allowing you to charge customers in their native currency while receiving payments in yours.


Checkout process error fixed: Zero decimal currency and NopCommerce custom currency rounding.


One Year free Support and Upgrade.


Easy installation
Easy configuration
Improve functionality
Responsive plugins

Expertise in Customization, Plugins, Themes & Mobile application development for nopCommerce.

[email protected] 2022/02/07 10:05
Great Plugin, works as expected
easy to install and wokring as expected
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quarternerd 2022/01/31 7:37
Good Plugin. Does what it Says. Works Well
Thank you for making this plugin. It's appropriately priced and works well.
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chashikNop 2022/01/28 6:30
Positive expirience
Great quality and fair price. Also qualified support.
We had a minor issue with changing stripe config from test to live. Need to restart the site. Guys from support helped us quickly.
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chrismason954 2021/12/29 4:29
Great Stripe Plugin
Great plugin that works reliably. Easy to configure and the support from the team is always fantastic. I have been using this plugin for years and the updates are regular. Thanks
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ESalameh 2021/10/20 6:51
Good support
The team was very helpful and helped me to add my plugin to our website.
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flowerjay07 2021/10/19 23:55
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01Willian 2021/10/19 11:33
Great Product
Great Plugin.
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homehealthcareshoppe 2021/09/14 1:03
best support
I have had an excellent time working with this team. They have been very helpful and are ready to answer all my queries. I will give 5 start to this company and will work in future with them for my other requirements. Thank you guys for your support and solving my problems quickly!
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bpteh 2021/08/27 1:20
Excellent product and service
It is a great plugin and  excellent customer service.
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crimson-computers 2021/05/19 4:36
Great Service
Upgraded to multi domain version with no issues.
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flowerjay07 2021/04/15 3:48
Great Product
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[email protected] 2021/03/19 11:53
Excellent product and service
We've been using this product for about 3 years. Easy to setup and excellent to use, basically never have any problems with it. We made some changes to our checkout which caused a problem. They worked out our problem (our fault) and provided a fix within 30 minutes. Fantastic service.
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[email protected] 2021/03/11 11:59
Great product
Great product and exceptional customer service
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Unitee Rennes 2021/03/04 8:24
Great plugins and very good assistance
I recomend this plugin. This teams was very reactive and very helpful when I need help to configure the plugin in localhost mode.

Nice !
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yoman 2021/02/02 16:18
Fast Deliver and fast support
i requements everyone to buy this stripe plugin.
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carry01 2021/01/25 5:15
The plugin works perfectly

Little more for customer support who is very responsive!
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alexlacorne 2021/01/07 3:58
Works like a charm
Easy install and setup.
Been using for over a year.
I recommend.
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[email protected] 2021/01/06 6:53
Thanks for the great support, working great!
I had some issues getting it installed on my server, but support was able to help me get it working.  Thanks!  It is working great now.
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[email protected] 2020/12/27 9:29
Works well
Works out of the box
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crimson-computers 2020/11/25 4:59
Great Plugin
Wroks out of the box with no issues
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chrismason954 2020/11/25 4:45
Brilliant product
Easy to use and reliable. No problems for over a year.
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Lab4 2020/11/25 4:29
Simple to use
Easy install and simple to use immediately, this solves your payment needs very quickly and the support for advanced issues is close to immediate and detailed.
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sg151582 2020/11/09 3:47
It's a great plugin that does the thing.
I've purchased this plugin and didn't regret a minute after. It's totally fits for my need as a small startup that sells digital products.
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bpteh 2020/10/17 1:27
Great plugin and great support
It works as expected and the support was very impressed. It is a great plugin for Stripe payments.
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[email protected] 2020/10/06 15:23
This plugin works well with nop commerce and so far it is very useful and bug-free.
I would like to thank you for your support as well. They helped with plug installation.
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mattmattmatt 2020/09/27 23:54
Bloody excellent
Obtaining the plugin was easy. Was a slight issue uploading the ZIP but Jatin (the developer) was there to help over live-chat and quickly told me how to fix the issue. The $10 installation fee is definitely worth it!! (don't skimp). Top kek, 10/10 would recommend. Jatin is a top bloke! And they didn't laugh at me when I made some mistakes lol!
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[email protected] 2020/08/26 6:50
Excepitonal support
If you need to pair up with a partner that offers exceptional support, these are your guys. Gives great peace of mind! Highly recommended.
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Supersquared 2020/08/22 10:25
This is the second plugin I bought from this team!

Both are working very well without any issues and very well implemented, plus the support is quick and excellent.

I recommend!
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cmb 2020/08/14 14:31
Great product room for some improvement
In the configuration for the Stripe webhook settings of the pluggin, the url is autofiled to:  This is then sent to Stripe during the creation of the webhook.  However /pluggins/stripecards/webhook will return 404 back to Stripe during a transaction because it's not an actual web page in you Nopcommerce store.

This block in the pluggin configuration is also greyed out so you can't change it therre.  So the transaction never fully completes and the shopping cart is not emptied as a result.  The customer then would see:  Could not load type 'Stripe.SubscriptionItemOption' from assembly ', Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

To fix this, you have to go back to Stripe and update the webhook details and fix the endpoint URL to a valid web page on your site such as the home page:

Only after that will everything work as designed.

Hopefully this feedback will help to make the product better in the future.
My version was purchased for Nopcommerce 3.90
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turileo 2020/06/15 7:14
Very well!
It works very well! Thank you also to support, they are amazing. Excellent!
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opso 2020/06/12 5:06
This Plugin works well. The customer service is fast and efficient.

Satisfied with the purchase
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SorgoRojo 2020/06/05 2:45
Excellent, working as expected
Great plugin, really works.
The customer service were very patience with me when installing it, they helped me with every step.

Very pleased with overall service.
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Bodhi360 2020/05/25 22:59
Excellent Plugin
This Stripe plugin works very well! I have not faced any issue!
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[email protected] 2020/04/24 3:26
Excelent Plugin
very useful plugin, very hepfull support.
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indosweb 2020/04/07 12:31
Excelent plugin
A good plugin to stripe on your website.
Fast and efficient service and customer service.
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lorenet 2020/04/01 11:31
Excellent plugin
I find this plugin very good.
The excellent Customer Service quickly solved a small css problem to adapt the plugin payment section to my nopcommerce theme.
A great job and service. Thanks
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felix_camacho 2020/03/30 13:52
Good Product and excellent customer service
Good Product and excellent customer service
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Luu Ngoan 2020/03/19 2:03
Good plugin
We've used this plugin for multiple websites and its worked as intended.
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antbolding 2020/01/23 5:43
Great plugin and great support
This plugin is easier to use than others and the support is superb. I did have some initial problems but Jatin sorted them out quickly and efficiently.
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい1 / いいえ0 2019/12/13 13:46
Great plugins and great support service
Plugins I bought are very stable and I got a very good support service. They responded very quickly.
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d1m4 2019/09/25 1:44
Good plugin
Simple on functionality, but does job and good price.
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jslater 2019/07/02 5:09
Great Plugin, Works Fine!
We've used this plugin for multiple websites and its worked as intended.

The support is fast to!
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[email protected] 2019/06/18 7:03
my review
I did it. Today no instructions to Install it, but owner called to me and helped me, thanks a lot
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parktec 2019/06/10 10:57
Great Product and Great Support!
Took me just a few minutes to get up and running, and support has been very responsive.
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alexnopcommerce 2019/05/21 20:03
Does exactly what we needed
This was a great replacement for PayPal as it's better integrated into the shopping cart.

We had a bit of trouble at first with the order number/customer info not showing in the payment description at the Stripe dashboard, but the developer was very helpful and showed us where we'd gone wrong with the setup.

The plugin is now working fine, with no errors, and passing through the customer and order number data to Stripe exactly how we need.

Thanks for developing this so that we can use Stripe on our NopCommerce store, and thanks again for the personal support given. 5/5 rating from us.
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[email protected] 2019/05/10 10:43
Excellent plugin and service have been using this plugin for nearly a year. We've never had any problems, missed transactions. Integration was very simple and it just worked straight out of the box.
Any reasons for a payment being declined are passed back to NopCommerce. This allows us to give the a meaningful message while sending an email to relevant parts of the company that can then contact the customer, to try an assist them.
Called up for an extra facility. I got an immediate response.
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nguyenkhoa211 2019/04/20 1:07
Good plugin
The plugin is working fine, and the support is so good. Thanks
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nathanhorn 2019/04/15 11:53
Terrific Plugin and Support
I've tested quite a few of the stripe plugins available for nopCommerce and this was the only one that met all of our needs.  I highly recommend this fully-featured plugin.
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ravibudama 2019/03/26 8:24
Very nice plugin for Stripe
It was a very easy plugin to configure and start the transactions.

Very well done team.
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karlmw90 2019/03/14 4:47
great plugin
great plugin and support
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[email protected] 2019/03/11 1:09
Nopcommerceplus support
support from Jatin Gadhiya was exceptional, got me through installing and setting up the Stripe plugin with ease.
Thank you.
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AndrewF 2019/02/27 7:32
Stripe Payments
Product works as required.
Initial installation queries were resolved quickly sorted by Jatin who then did the installation for me.
Quick and helpful.
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crimson-computers 2019/02/26 12:06
Great Service
Easy to configure and good response from developer to answer questions
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Modern Eternity 2019/02/22 9:45
Stripe for online store
We've been using this Strip plugin for our online store, happy with the performance, it is reliable and efficient.
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nasini 2019/02/22 6:19
Great Assistance
Jatin has been great to solve the issue I had in configuring the plug-in. In 10 minutes the plug in was up and running!
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phayes 2019/02/20 5:35
Excellent payment provider solution
With all the EU regulation changes, this company is a step ahead to make sure that your payment transactions are safe, the 3D secure for Stripe is a no brainer, thank you guys for your efforts.
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JoeAucoin 2019/02/14 6:25
Easy Setup
Configuration with both this plugin and the Stripe portal were very easy. Everybody likes easy!
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krayolla 2019/02/07 12:07
WOW! Super Easy Install, Works Perfectly!
I've installed lots of plugins in the past, but this one is a "WOW!"

For such an important part of the eCommerce process, having a payment plugin go in so easily, and to have it work perfectly from the very first transaction, is a very pleasant surprise.

Great plugin, great support, great experience!
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nopgre 2019/02/01 2:01
Great Product
I purchased the plugin and because i was using a Mac computer i ran in to a few issues, the help was swift, the plugin is great and i will use them for other projects as well.
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[email protected] 2019/01/07 4:31
Excellent, no problems at all
We have been using this plugin for about 5 months on and have had no issues at all. I've had a query the response was swift and very helpful. I recommend them wholeheartedly.
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[email protected] 2018/11/28 9:30
We contacted the support on the live chat because we have an international ecommerce and could not get payments from many Countries. We tried a few things but with no success. When we finally contacted the support we got an immediate answer, and most important they understood and fixed the problem in approx 30 minutes. Great knowledge of the system and great support, thank you !!
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Mhashim 2018/11/27 5:11
Great Plugin & Super Fast integration
I recommend this plugin for whoever want to implement stripe payment getway .. it’s fast to implement and also customer services available and excellent
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t.willems 2018/10/25 0:54
Works perfectly
we had a little problem with saving the access information of stripe, but it was fixed fast and uncomplicated. Otherwise quickly set up and runs smoothly
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[email protected] 2018/10/22 2:48
We were using this plugin from the past 30 days. Pretty much happy with the response from the support team.

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satakarimas 2018/09/24 1:29
Good plugin
I acquired this plugin to earn time and it does the work well. excellent plugin.
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popolun 2018/09/19 3:18
This plugin is awesome!
The customer support is very responsive and helpful. They solved my concern and made a few changes on the plugin "Stripe + Card" to suit my need. After service is very important, and they do an excellent job on it. I highly recommend this company to every one.
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BookOneSupport 2018/09/06 10:21
Great Support
Service is fast and responsive.
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Modern Eternity 2018/08/20 11:55
Stripe for online store
We just started using Stripe for our NOP commerce store. everything seems to be working good.
i will sure write more feedback on this in few weeks
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ntownsend 2018/08/20 8:20
Great Plugin, Great Support
I purchased this plugin to collect stripe payments for a SaaS website I am developing, and was very happy to find that it works as expected. I contacted the developer a few times with questions, and was very impressed with the response time and quality. I recommend this plugin for anyone looking to include Stripe payments in their nop site, and recommend Jatin for his awesome support and great personality.
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ntbuddy 2018/08/17 21:46
Perfect Solution
This is truly the best solution possible. Great customer service and a plugin that works perfectly on our nop 4.1 system. Will definitely be adding this to all of our other nopCommerce sites needing Stripe integration.
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utexas111 2018/07/30 7:27
Excellent Service
The developer met with me to walk over the steps to install. They also have a great support team.
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[email protected] 2018/07/23 3:02
Excellent Plug-in and great service
I installed the plug-in and it worked fine. I asked for a change for 3D-Secure support and was implemented in just a few days- Great
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい1 / いいえ0
krayolla 2018/07/11 9:32
Ordered, installed, configured, AND tested - all within about 10 minutes - with NO ERRORS and NO ISSUES!!!  Also, I used the online chat to ask forefront a pre-sales question and was assisted immediately, and he stayed connected during my installation.  PERFECT!!!
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい1 / いいえ0
Vesparion 2018/07/05 3:42
Great service!
Super customer service, nice plugin.

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jay999 2018/06/29 1:30
plugin works fine
I had few doubts in the beginning about the plugin but it seems to be working fine.
Also Jatin was helpful with the installation process.
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい1 / いいえ0
nickh364 2018/06/11 10:54
Great Plugin
Great Plugin. The developer is quick to respond with any questions or problems and fix them if needed.
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