Web API by nopStation

Web API by nopStation
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Fully REST API for the nopCommerce public store. By installing this plugin, you can expose services for your mobile app and other application.
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サポートバージョン: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 3月 02,2016
最終更新日: 4月 18,2023

API-driven development has become increasingly popular for creating fast and adaptable e-commerce solutions. For example, using an API module for public store endpoints lets you easily enable store functionality in your native or cross-platform applications while letting you reduce development time and costs significantly. This makes e-commerce solutions more adaptable and customizable.

If you want the ultimate nopCommerce API, then nopStation is here with its REST API plugin for nopCommerce Public Store. This API module plugin allows you quickly build your native or cross-platform apps by using this API for nopCommerce public store services with a simple nopCommerce plugin download and install. This plugin lets you focus on developing or using your preferred application by allowing you to consume your nopCommerce Public Store data through the API endpoints, letting you reduce development time and costs.


  1. Banners /Carousel on top of the homepage. Every item can be mapped to a specific category /product /manufacturer /vendor /topic page.
  2. Different preview sections for featured categories, products and manufacturers.
  3. Hamburger menu for quick access into all categories and subcategories with left slider.
  1. Option to visit sub categories if available.
  2. Sort products by Position, Name: A to Z, Name: Z to A, Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low and Created on.
  3. Filter products with the price range and filterable specification attributes.
  4. Change page size for loading products on the page.
  5. Multi paging on scroll.
  1. Sort products by Position, Name: A to Z, Name: Z to A, Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low and Created on.
  2. Change page size for loading products in page.
  3. Multi paging on scroll.
  1. Option to visit vendor list page.
  2. Sort products by Position, Name: A to Z, Name: Z to A, Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low and Created on.
  3. Change page size for loading products in page.
  4. Multi paging on scroll.
  5. Option to contact a vendor.
  1. Responsive search field.
  2. Advance search by vendor, price range, manufacturer etc.
  3. Multi paging on scroll.
Product details
  1. Add to cart and add to wishlist buttons
  2. Carousel/Slider for available images of the product
  3. Popup zoom for product image.
  4. Product name, price, availability and descriptions.
  5. Dynamic attribute pickers like dropdown, checkmark and radio button to choose color, size or any other specifications.
  6. Carousel for related product list.
  7. Carousel for the customer also purchased product list.
  8. Supports both single and group products.
Shopping cart
  1. List view of products in the cart.
  2. Delete individual items.
  3. Update quantity of individual items.
  4. Apply coupon codes if available
  5. Apply gift card if available.
  6. Formal invoice description: Sub-totals, shipping cost, discount, tax and total amount.
  7. Apply all attributes.
  1. Checkout processes are same as default nopCommerce: Billing Address, Shipping Address, Shipping Method Selection, Payment Method Selection, Summary & Checkout Confirmation.
  2. Supports all kind of payment methods (Button, Redirect, Standard).
  3. Supports all shipping methods.
  4. Auto-skip the next step when required.
  5. Guest checkout available.
  6. Use reward points for purchase.
  1. New customer registration.
  2. Traditional login with user credential.
  3. Password recovery option.
  4. Update password.
My account
  1. Update user information.
  2. Manage customer address.
  3. User wishlist
  4. Option to see downloadable products.
  5. Reward points.
  6. Product reviews.
My orders
  1. Quick view of order list
  2. Option to see order details.
  3. Order status, payment status, shipping status.
  4. Re-order items from a specific order.
  5. Order shipments.
  6. Order notes with file download option.
  7. Create a return request with file upload.
  1. Add to wishlist, update, delete etc.
  2. Move products to cart from wishlist.
  1. Allows multiple languages.
  2. Allows multiple currencies.
  3. Option to change app logo.
  4. Option to force the user to update app.
  5. Option to configure app color from admin.
  6. Option to configure product price text size on product box from admin.
  7. Option to add localized string resources from admin.
  1. Secure API with JSON Web Token.
  2. IAT enable/disable for JSON Web Token.
Push Notification
  1. Customer email validation notification.
  2. Customer registered welcome notification.
  3. Customer welcome notification.
  4. New customer notification.
  5. Customer order cancelled notification.
  6. Customer order completed notification.
  7. Customer order paid notification.
  8. Customer order placed notification.
  9. Customer order refunded notification.
  10. Shipment delivered notification.
  11. Shipment sent notification.
  12. Scheduled campaign notification.

API Documentation:

Postman: https://tinyurl.com/postmanDocV2

Download Postman Collection. Then just import to the postman and select 'nopStation' environment. That's it.

NST Documentation: 


Check version 1.0 API details here.

hienkhieu 2021/02/23 16:24
Update for 4.3?
Do you have any plan to update this extension to support NopCommerce 4.30?
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4.30 already available in our store

santoshsingh198611 2021/02/16 16:54
Add a User
Can I use this API to add a new user through mobile app?
I have  a different DB where I maintain the users with membership plans, I want to use that DB and add  the new users in both the DB.

Can I do that after I purchase this API?

Please suggest
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You have to write custom code for this.  You can go with source code package and then will do your custom development on it.
avinash1203 2020/01/28 3:36
The best 99 $ i have ever spent in my life
Money at its best usage. i just wished the Apps are bit cheaper. but no complaints about the Api. easily extendable
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sina.islam 2019/10/14 3:38
The first public site api plugin
Price and product is at it's best.
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m.amer 2017/07/21 19:34
How to use it?
Kindly how to use the API or call it need more details about how to use it?
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい7 / いいえ3