Simple plugin required

9 anos atrás
Hi Guys

I don't know if anyone has time to help me, but I am in urgent need of a plugin.

We have built a community website that people can sell there products on in nop 2.60, but what I would like
to do is add the business's in a directory, and have an events page where they can advertise upcoming
events & fairs, but it needs to be dynamic, I could create topic pages, but I really do not want to be adding
code every time someone wants to add there business.

There is no edit, delete or create needed, all i require is the ability to display text on to a view.

I can inject the data into the DB through an external DynamicData CMS which i have built, each table only
has between 6 - 9 fields there is one filter that I would need and that is to be able to select by region, so
depending on the region they select will depend on what data is displayed.

If anyone has time to make the first one for me, I would really appreciate it, I can then replicate it to make the

Please PM me if you can help me, along with a ball park figure and I'll get straight back to you.

Kind Regards
Ron Palmer
9 anos atrás

Have you some mockups to understand problem?
9 anos atrás
Hi Ron

Would this business directory be populated from the dynamic cms or then would you like to edit this through the plugin?

Also, would you want administrator approval when a user publishes an advert

Is it possible to get sample of the dynamic data cmss tables?

Is this a CMS based sql server?

If you would like to email me offline on [email protected], we can discuss this further


Gagan Virmani