Password change - usernames enabled

3 meses atrás

We are running in some problem changing mail in our NOP commerce installations, we are running 4.50.1 version.
By our business rules we have some customers registered with the same email address. Due to this configuration we enabled "usernames" to be used as login key.

This configuration cause some issues when the customers try to change their password by "forgot password/password" recovery function but also using "change password" in admin section.
Checking the code this bug is because customers are always retrieved by email and not by username.
We had to change Nop code to avoid this behavior. (i.e /Nop.Web/Controllers/CustomerController.cs line 620, Nop.Web/Areas/Admin/Controllers/CustomerController.cs line 791).

Many thanks
3 meses atrás
Thanks. See this comment on the related issue.