How can I use custom schema with custom database table name in Nop 4.50

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I am facing an issue with using a test.customer table which I created on database and I created its entity in Nop 4.50. The issue is while mapping this table into Nop 4.50 structure. My builder class looks like as followed:
                .WithColumn(NameCompatibilityManager.GetColumnName(typeof(TestCustomer), nameof(TestCustomer.CustomerId))).AsInt32()
                .ForeignKey<Customer>(onDelete: Rule.None).Nullable();

I also used BaseNameCompatibility class for mentioning the table name that I wanted to use. The class looks like below:

public class BaseNameCompatibility : INameCompatibility
        public Dictionary<Type, string> TableNames => new() { { typeof(TestCustomer), "Customer" } };

        public Dictionary<(Type, string), string> ColumnName => throw new NotImplementedException();

The error which I am getting is like as below:
    Microsoft.Data.Sqlite.SqliteException : SQLite Error 1: 'no such table: TestCustomer'.

Please help me out from in this. Thanks in advance.
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In SQLite, it is not possible to have multiple schemas within the same database.
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Is it possible with SQL server ?
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Saw this post
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Thank you @Yidna,

I was not knowing that this is actually a bug in Nopcommerce 4.50.1 too. I did the same changes on my local and it worked like charm... You saved my lots and lots of time.

Thank you very much..