Vendor Management

1 mês atrás
how to show attribute or attribute value at the beginning in vender list column.
what changes we need to do in data tables to show the attribute value
suppose I have budget attribute i need to show the budget in the list at the beginning in the data tables columns.
1 mês atrás
The Vendor Name is read from the Vendor record and populated in the VendorModel
and displayed as VendorModel.Name in the data table

You can read the value from the Vendor Attribute and
add another field to the VendorModel
or append/prepend the value to an existing field

Populating the field in PrepareVendorListModel(VendorSearchModel searchModel);
in Areas\Admin\Factories\VendorModelFactory.cs

Then adjust Areas\Admin\Views\Vendor\List.cshtml to display the value