Auto Guest Register Plugin

Auto Guest Register Plugin
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Register guests customer automatically using this plug-in, and send them email notification with auto generated password. Auto Guest Registeration helps you convert more visitors to buyers by making it easy to checkout.
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Desteklenen sürümler: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10
Oluşturuldu: Mayıs 23,2017
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nopCommerce Auto Guest Register Plugin

nopcommerce Auto guest Register Plugin by xcellence-it

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Auto Guest Register Plugin provides feature for register guest customer automatically. This plug-in also provide the feature to notify the guest customer with the appropriate Email and Password. You can also select particular event (Order Paid Event or Order Place Event) from plug-in configure page for automatically register guest customer.

You can also register guest customer manually from the order edit page. When a registered customer tries to register again with the same Email Id then they will be automatically redirected to login page.

Plug-in is available in us-english. If you need this plug-in in your own language or if you need more features, you can always write to us.

Auto Guest Register Plugin Features

General Features

  • Register guest customer on order paid or order place event as per configuration.
  • Manually Register customer from order edit page.
  • Notify customer with email id and password when registered.
  • Editable message template for notification to customer when they are automatically registered
  • Automatically redirect customer to login page if already registered.
  • Multi-Store Supported, Supported version(s) 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10
  • Open to enhance Auto Guest Register plug-in with other features, please suggest.

Installing Plugin

Download plugin object code and put it at your /Plugins folder then follow nopCommerce standard plugin installation procedure to install plugin. Display Reward Points Plugin is available under “Misc” group on local plugins page. Once Plugin is installed go to your nopCommerce admin panel, and go to Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins > Auto Guest Register. It will ask you to enter your license key, enter license key which you received on your registered email after purchasing this plugin from our website.

You may need to give read/write permission's to IIS user's on server where you deploy/host your website to install this plugin.

How to use Auto Guest Register Plugin

  • After installing this plugin, You need to enable and configure Auto Guest Register from Plugins > NopAccelerate > Auto Register and also configure plugin from Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins > Auto Guest Register. Once configured it will automatically register customer on order place/paid event as per configuration. For brief intro on how to configure please look at plugin configuration page.
zaf 29.12.2018 20:09
Logs out when order is placed(((

It doesn't login just right after a customer places an order and customer cannot see his order info after placing order. He need to go to email and find his pass and then he can log.. How can we allow to log automatically and show order details after placing order?
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Bir yönetici bu yoruma yanıt verdi
Yes, you are right. This is by design. It was the requirement of the clients that we have created for. However, we understand your requirements are different which is currently not supported in this plugin. However, we will consider this for future roadmap. Thank you