EasyPost Address Validator by nopStation

EasyPost Address Validator by nopStation
Validate your nopCommerce website's customer address using EasyPost API.
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Oluşturuldu: Temmuz 26,2021
Son güncelleme: Mart 27,2023

Customer shipping and billing addresses are vital data for eCommerce or online stores. The shipping and order dispatch process relies on having valid and precise addresses to ensure fast and efficient deliveries. EasyPost, in particular, is a popular location API service used by many online businesses.

If you want to enable address validation through EasyPost for your online business built on nopCommerce, then nopStation is here with its EasyPost Address Validator plugin. This address validation plugin for nopCommerce lets you utilize EasyPost location API services to validate customer shipping and billing addresses. This plugin lets you reduce customer address errors and store accurate addresses, which makes the shipping and delivery process more efficient and error-proof. Address validation and usability on your storefront ensure a more efficient shipping experience for your customers.

  • Enforce address validation
  • Address validation based on countries
  • Address validation using EasyPost API
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Multi-store supported

Enable EasyPost address validation to your storefront with nopStation’s EasyPost Address Validator plugin for nopCommerce. Please take a look at one of nopStation's address validator plugins, Google Address Validator as well.