Product Tab Plugin by nopStation

Product Tab Plugin by nopStation
Product Tab Plugin displays products in tabs which ensures a smooth experience for users and enhances the focus on products on home page.
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Oluşturuldu: Haziran 29,2021
Son güncelleme: Ekim 14,2022

Power BI with NopCommerce

Product Tab Plugin organizes your products into collections and makes your website homepage more attractive. You can display products from a category and categorize them by criteria such as new, sale, featured, bestsellers, and so on.


1. Construct a Category Product Collection and organize them into distinct product tabs
2. Make a Custom Product Collection by selecting items from a predetermined list
3. In one widget, you can group product lists from different product tabs
4. Set-up product list based on your preferences
5. Make as many widgets as you want and place them in any widget zone on your site
6. Views and styles can be changed at any time
7. Easy to set up

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