Quote Cart by nopStation

Quote Cart by nopStation
Quote Cart plugin brings quotation functionality for cart items in nopCommerce with support for Quotation forms, chat, and converting quotations to orders. This plugin lets your customers create quotations for pricing and custom requests.
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Quotations are a key part of running sales-centric businesses. Quotations offer a negotiation platform between customers and businesses and help them communicate effectively. Having the ability to turn shopping cart items into quotations can be a major advantage for online businesses.

If you want to enable cart quotation support on your online store powered by nopCommerce, then nopStation is here with its Quote Cart plugin. This product quotation plugin enables a quotation shopping cart on your online storefront. Admins can create and customize quote forms by adding custom form attributes as well as whitelisting quotation features on the website based on products, categories, manufacturers, or vendors. Customers can add items to the quote cart and fill in the necessary information to create a quote request as well as intimate a chat from the quote details page. Admins can manage the quotation lifecycle from the admin panel and reply to chats from the admin panel as well as convert finalized quotations into orders. Quotation support on your storefront can let you cater to your customer base on a more personal basis and handle customer negotiations more effectively.

  • Add quotation cart to storefront
  • Enable whitelisting for the quotation feature. Admins can whitelist by: Products, Categories, Manufacturers, and Vendors
  • Convert quotes into customer orders
  • Auto creates order notes with quote numbers added for converted orders for better tracking
  • Modify/Adjust quotations for customers
  • Restore modified quotations to the original state
  • Limit cart items per quotation request
  • Send “quotation created” mail to customer and store owner
  • Quotation chat support for customers and admins for direct negotiations
  • Create fully customizable product quote form creation
  • Create and manage custom attributes for form fields
  • Create and manage custom attributes for form fields
  • Supports multi-store
  • Easy to install and configure

Get nopStation’s Quote Cart plugin to add quotation support on for your nopCommerce online store. Check out nopStation’s ultimate collection of nopCommerce plugins as well for any of your other business needs.

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