Transparency in the usage phase of your sold products enables a new approach to customers
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Through the innovative approach of recash circular reporting, we are pioneering transparency in the life cycle management of your sold products. Our platform not only reveals the duration for which a customer engages with your product but also elucidates the reasons behind its eventual phase-out. This critical insight applies not just to your new clientele but also encompasses historical orders from your existing customer base. Are you looking to elevate your online shop's sustainability quotient and extend the lifespan of your products by leveraging insightful usage data? Look no further, as recash is here to offer you a comprehensive overview, enabling informed decisions towards a more sustainable business model.

Delve into a few of our standout features:

  • Visualize the lifecycle of your sold products in real time.
  • Analyze the detailed list of your sold products.
  • Import historically sold products from your existing customers.

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